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View Full Version : Hunter trinket quest

15-09-2005, 10:18 PM
Do it! The pet trinket owns! Opener = Intimidation + trinket + prowl + bestial wrath = 300-400 crit, pet frenzied, and stun 3 seconds =)

Or +48 atk power 2% to hit for 15 seconds trinket

Or 45dps 1% crit 17 sta spear.

...not that I am a BM spec *cough* I am 51 in Marksmanship (IMP Scorpid Sting ftw!).


16-09-2005, 10:49 AM
- trinkets own
- Polearm sucks donkey balls

that being said, the pet trinket indeed owns when BM specced, frenzy+beastial wrath=woot!

but since i'm no BM hunter, Pfuh, i'm going for the AP;-)