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View Full Version : PvP and the stance dances

14-09-2005, 01:10 PM
I've been experimenting with changing stances more in PvP and I'm basically looking for some warriors opinions on what they do or recommend

If its a class that fears or stuns I like to stay in zerka stance (beserka rage + the extra 3% chance to crit is nice for whirlwinds) this does mean they extra pounding from rogues but I think that is a better alternative then being chain-stun-locked and switching to battle stance for those overpowers.

Battle stance is usually my intial stance for the charge and hamstring and I've found this a good stance to use against other warriors (if I'm their main target other wise its zerka stance incase they use IS)

Defense stance, this one puzzles me really, good for carrying the flag, maybe? Although a warrior shouldnt really go for the flag. This is kinda my last stand stance if I get trapped in that ice thing that mages do I'll stand there in def stance waiting for it to wear off (PvP trinket on cool down) while mages toss huge balls of firery death at me but apart from that when is a good time to use this? I've watched other warriors (horde I think) switching to it and wonder what they're reasoning behind it is?

Any other warriors wanna comment on PvP and stances?


14-09-2005, 02:21 PM
I'm in Berserker stance all the time. I'm in combat way to much to bother with charge, so I only use battle stance when something dodges. Even then, against dodge happy rogues I prefer to stay in berserker stance to be able to break out of gouge. I do switch to defensive stance quite a bit for that precious disarm. Besides, Berserker stance is also fab against casters. So basicly, in pvp (not duels), i don't bother too much with stance dancing.

14-09-2005, 02:25 PM
Personally I start in battle and charge, if i cant do that due to being in combat i stay in berserker for intercept. After charge i hamstring and change to berserker, only going back to battle if people dodge.

I like berserker for it ability to break rogue gouges/stuns...it's annoying to be stuck in battle stance and unable to move.