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View Full Version : Tentative improvements..

11-09-2005, 12:16 AM
Well, since priests pretty much haven't changed one iota since the beginning, how about a few ideas from the shadowsong parish on how you would change aspects of the class to improve it (within reason).

To start it off, how's this: stackable renews.

It won't change much in how we perform really, but it will give us a bit more to think about - keeping 5 renews stacked on your target does help :)

However, i doubt that will happen too often. As I see it, just overwriting renews usually has you losing 400 or so hp from the one you cast, so why not keep them all? I do of course mean only one renew at a time per priest, not one priest stacking 5, but that will give us a bit more flexibility with regards to time, and how we spend it, which is always a critical aspect of priesting.

Well, as i'm currently running through felwood with a small train after me, I'll leave this as it is and check for responses :)

11-09-2005, 01:05 AM
Unfortunately this would just get daft in MC. 6-8 renews on one target (and then similar numbers of both druid hots) and the hps the healers can dump on the MT is daft before you start casting heals.

What I really want is for spell overwrites to take into account actuall amoutn healed, ie with my epix i have lots of +heal, so my renews tick for much more than a 60 priest in greens, but aslong as said greeny has imp renew he can overwrite my version, thats just daft.