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View Full Version : I know priests are lazy but..

10-09-2005, 12:28 AM
For godssakes, we're trailing in the forum here! One thread? There must be something we can complain about.

Like the price of manna biscuits! What's up with that!

And euh. Lack of popemobiles! We should get our own epic epic mount with bulletproof glass for those times where you just have to drive through a horde (no pun intended) of enemies to get to that poor sick teammate.

Oh, and why are all our hats silly?

Satellite-dish devout? Turban transcendance?

Oh, and speaking of clothes, when are they going to start making more masculine priestwear? I'm serious, I'd be willing to wear hilfiger baggy jeans over these dresses!


10-09-2005, 06:17 AM
Don't you have like 10k mana? :P Maybe in MC you need more if you're lazy about rotation, but in the instances us mere mortals go into, 5k mana + regen eq and a major mana pot for emergencies have proven more than adequate. (and I'm 41 into Shadow specced even :P). Ofcource you need to use the most efficient spells then, and never overheal. (smth thats seems far too common, and annoys me more than mice in my puli.)

Headwear, at least it can be turned off, unlike the horrid shoulders that pollute my eyes in IF. From Hunter pvp shoulders to oversized Fleshhide to just about any set. Epics are even worse D: I bet you want a cardinal hat though. :P

Elune Akbar!

ps. did you know that Warcraft lore states Elune to be the one true god. Ie. Elune is the only worshipped entity that is truly a god. The light is weak, for it shall be consumed by shadows. The spirits and ancestors forgotten, the elements dissipate into the cosmos, and the demons consumed by their own hunger. Too bad she seems to be a bit on the lazy side considering the oh so powerful Elune's Grace -_- (Starshards are sorta ok for nonshadowpriests, and against shadow immunes.)

10-09-2005, 09:56 AM
(Starshards are sorta ok for nonshadowpriests, and against shadow immunes.)

Well, unless you're talented, it's pretty much exactly the same as 2x mindflay without the movement impairment. But the best part indeed is that it's arcane - so you do get a nice little mix up, and something to throw at people when you get spell locked.

Went shadow for a few days, never really needed the movement impairment in mind flay. In fact, in duels, I preferr it not to be movement impairing - simply because it's pretty useless vs rogues, and starshards, as long as it's activiated within range, never (read: very rarely) goes out of range while channeling. This means while feared, your target ends up around 40+ yards away and is having a hard time finding you (if in an unfamiliar area).

Elune Akbar!


:lol: :D