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View Full Version : Boom Kajaro Boom (7/8 DS hc) Are Recruiting!

07-06-2012, 04:45 PM
<Boom Kajaro Boom> are recruiting!

For those who know us....Hi! For those who don’t, a little background.

We came to Shadowsong at the launch of Dragonsoul, 8 of us to be precise, after jumping ship from a friendly but incredibly quiet realm. We progressed quite well, achieving realm third Yor'sahj heroic and a realm fourth kill of Warmaster heroic. Things went a little belly up after that, with 4 or 5 raiders needing sudden replacement and you know how it is, gearing, settling in period yadda yadda. Anyway, enough of the old and on to the new!

As Mists draws ever closer ( hurry up please!) our little family here at BKB would like to throw open our doors and welcome a few more members into our ranks. We have spots available for raiding, pvp and also for the more social gamer who, just wants to have a bit of fun now and then with like minded people.

Our age range is from early 20s through to...best not finish that sentence lest I call down some bearded wroth upon myself and Azeroth! We don’t have a minimum age requirement, though a mature(ish) attitude is appreciated. The banter be mighty on the old TS3, and we do love to torment one another, especially Curu because it’s just so easy!

What can we offer you?

That really depends what you’re after!

Dedicated raid team who listen, learn and accomplish. Plus we have the patented Thorbot which I can assure you, no one else on any realm has. Best Addon Ever! Also the best raid leader ever and very easy to mock if you’re into that kind of thing.
90% of our raid team have and always have had nearly 100% attendance and we would expect the same from you.
Raid times are thurs/tues/sun 21:30-1:00am (this is subject to change, we try to fit the nights around everyone’s personal lives so ofc we would take any newcomer into account)
Flasks and food are provided on the main raids.

Currently recruiting:
1 tank - Druid/DK
1 Ranged dps

At this point gear is irrelevant! Don’t care if you’re fresh dinged in a bunch of greens, just show you know your class, you have some experience and you have the motivation and will to gear yourself along with a little help from us of course.

We have several pvp fanatics in the guild, including several of our raid team. We would like to expand this side of the guild, again no gear necessary at this point. I will likely throw you at Jaago after he hasn’t eaten all day and just see what happens, yes that sounds reasonable! Contact Jaago/Skillcoil for more info or simply for some fun, the guy is legendary for making BG’s hilarious.

For all you fellas/gals who want to log, chat to people, maybe do the odd raid or BG, some old content perhaps? Most people want to do a bit of everything and we’d really like a few more people around, we miss the vibe of a larger guild so we want to push it back that way a little.

There will be opportunities for raiding whatever the current content is on a social basis, we’ll have a 2nd raid set up so that anyone who wants to sign for it can and we can pad out any missed spots with main raid team alts.

Any questions can be directed to Askarrin, Curu, Anuele, Thor, Xeber, Juubee, Leptirica, Isseit or Mystro

Alternatively, if you’ve had quite enough of my wall of text, feel free to apply at


I assure you I am an avid forum stalker and replies shall be swift!

For now on behalf of BKB I bid you adieu and hope to see you in game soon <3 <3


18-06-2012, 03:06 PM
Still seeking socials and PVPer's
Also 8/8 hc since this was posted.