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View Full Version : [A] Brothers in Battle@Shadowsong 8/8HC LF 2 dps!

22-05-2012, 02:40 PM
Hia there,

<Brothers in Battle> is a small 10 man raiding guild, and we are currently looking for a dps for our main raiding team.

We have been a raiding guild since end of WotlK, however have only really picked up the harder progression since the start of 4.2, changing to 3 nights a week instead of two etc.

Our progression in 4.2 was 6/7HC and with this patch we have killed all on heroic.We want to continue in this line of progression into MoP.

Current progress:

About us:
As stated before we are a small 10 man guild. We run with a team of 11 players, this to compensate for people not being there the odd day etc without having to cancel a progression raid straight away. However normally we find a good rotation system with people sitting out for single fights (not all night). And not always on the same fight.
You will find a friendly atmosphere in the guild, but you should not be afraid of people taking the piss of you. We will. (The other way around, you are allowed to take the piss of us, sometimes..)

Wednesday: 21.00-00.00
Thursday: 21.00-00.00
Monday: 21.00-00.00

And depending on interest we have altrun's on Saturday evening's.

Current setup:
-Blood Dk
-Prot warrior
-Shadowpriest (yes we have 2!)
-Survival Hunter
-Ret Pala
-Holy Pala
-Resto shaman
-Resto Druid

-Warrior dps

What we expect from you
As we are currently progressing on the tiers end boss, and probably also the expansions end boss. We are looking for someone who is ready to roll in. I don't expect 400 ilvl. But 380 might be a tad low.
We expect you to know your class and know how to play it well. To read up on fights and your tips as a class. We do have a forum where we will post stuff, as before we start an heroic fight there will be a thread covering the general strategy we will go with, and some tips and tricks. However you shouldn't be too lazy to trow in a google search yourself.

Food and Flasks are provided, though you should bring your own pot's and a stack of cookies just in case.

We use Mumble, having a microphone and/or talk isn't mandatory for a dps, though highly appreciated.

For more info or to apply you can visit:

Poke one of the following people ingame:
-Eef -Adyne - Veilwalker - Gligan

Or respond in this topic.


19-06-2012, 11:54 AM
We are still looking at recruiting additional DPS for current farm content and looking towards MOP.

Ideally looking for mage, ret paladin, ele shaman, warlock, boomkin.