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View Full Version : [H] <Causa Mortis> are recruiting raiders & socials <3

15-05-2012, 08:11 PM
Standard Guild Message:

Causa Mortis [Level 20 Guild] are recruiting. We are currently setting up a raid team and require all roles/classes atm for DS10/25N&HC. Socials & Levelers are also very welcome to join us! Come join our long established & fun guild. >> Free Repairs <<


<Causa Mortis> are a long established guild that is based on Shadowsong EU (Horde). Our guild are recruiting people of all levels with the main focus of targeting all aspects of the game such as PvE (Raids) and PvP (Arenas/Battlegrounds). Our guild is serious about this and is always looking for anyone who wishes to step in and offer a helping hand as well.

We wish to lay the foundation of having fun as a guild and working together in a team. This is why our guild was created. We are always recruiting and if you wish to join our guild, It's really simple. All you have to do is type /who Causa Mortis and ask any of the online members to invite you to our guild.

We are currently recruiting all roles/classes to begin establishing a 10/25man raiding team which will focus on the current main raid which is DS10/25 Normal & Heroic. If you are looking to join a guild that is raiding in this main raid , then please do join us. We may also from time to time backtrack to other older raids such as Firelands and so on for guild achievements and to give players who didn't do those raids a chance of competing in them for fun.

I hope our guild will gain allot of new members into our guild over the coming weeks, months and years through the posting of this thread.


For the Horde!
<Causa Mortis>