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View Full Version : Tainted "H" Looking for more raiders 5/8 DS HC 10

06-05-2012, 06:13 AM
In order to progress further into 10 man heroic DS raiding and preparing for MOP, Tainted is looking for mature, skilled and dedicated players.
We are a relatively small group of long time raiders so we require a high attende of all our members. Therefore please make sure that you can raid the following days/times:

Sunday: 18.45-23/24
Wednesday: 19.45-23/24
Thursday: 19.45-23/24

We are currently on 5/8 in heroic DS 10 man and are especially looking for the following:

1-2 Tanks:
Any class.

1 Healer:
Priest (or other).

3-4 DPS:
- Shaman
- Mage
- Hunter
- Paladin
- Warrior

Exceptional applications will always be considered

We have no dkp or similar system, loot is distributed via rolls (RL can decide if the upgrade suits another player better). Raiders also have prio. over trials member.
Please visit http://www.tainted-guild.org for more info or /w Daum, Alaine, Baldord, Zeeth for more information.