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View Full Version : Fatal Error looking for people for alt runs!

10-04-2012, 08:06 PM
Hey there!

As we caught up to MCO a few weeks ago and have thus cleared all content we'd like to get our alt run(s) started unfortunetely we can't always get a full team going and even then we can barely get a proper set up going (like only having 1 tank and 1 healer).

Therefore we are looking for a few players that wants to join us for some hardmodes on our alts (these runs will usually be on mondays 19.40-23.00)

We expect you to play your class/role very well as even though these are our alts most of us play them as good as our mains.

If you're interested find me in-game on Spacebubble or one of my alts or send me a PM/mail

ATM we're specially looking for a tank (MS ideally, but OS will do) a healer (MS) and possibly a dps.

Looking forward to hearing from you!