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View Full Version : Despair- 10 man raiding guild recuitment open

26-02-2012, 01:48 PM
Guild Level


Warcry Introduction

Warcry is a guild that was created to clear end game raids and achieve the goals that our memebers have in raiding. Our current set up is mostly people who now each other in real life but we are looking to expand on this and recuit a few more raiders to fill our ranks. We aim to finish off this expansion by killing DW on heroic. Our raiders are skilled and dedicated to our raids we are 3 days a week. We offer a fun and chilled out enviroment but focus in raids but we still have a laugh and a joke.

Warcry's Progress

We are currently 7/8 aiming to kill DW this lockout and start on heroic modes.

What are we recuiting ?

We are currently recruiting all classes as we wish to add a few more to our first raid team and complete our second team. We are looking for players who know there classes and are skilled.

Raiding days and times

Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday


Loot System

Our loot system we use is standard rolling but if the item is a bigger upgrade for one player and only a small upgrade for another person we will usually prioritise it to the player that will benefit from the item the most.

If you have any other questions, You can PM me on here or whisper any of our officer team in game Anodia, Mash or Angíe.

Thanks for Reading Warcry Officer team.

27-02-2012, 05:58 PM