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View Full Version : [Horde] Dragon Soul 10m

20-01-2012, 08:50 AM
Is anyone here interested in being a part of a DS10 raid on a permanent basis?
We are looking for some good geared characters, who as well think Shadowsong is too lazy and are desperate to find a raid in the dead trade channel.
Minimum requirements are: 385+ ilvl, ventrilo, good skills, DS normal (not LFR) expirience for at least first 5 bosses.

20-01-2012, 05:23 PM
Perhaps aiming a mite high with that ilvl? Given I've been running a 10man and LFR every week and only recently surpassed 385 average, you're either after someone who's had a good run of /rnd or aiming to poach a raider.

Might find more luck going for skills and gearing them from there. Just a suggestion.