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View Full Version : [A - Shadowsong - EU] <Prophets of Doom> Recruiting!

26-12-2011, 12:19 PM
Guild Name: Prophets of Doom
Faction: Alliance
Realm (US/EU): EU
Realm Type: PVE
Realm Time zone: GMT +1
Progression: 5/8 DS
Raid Times: 20:00-23:00
Raid Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

About Prophets of Doom
Prophets of Doom is a social raiding & pvp guild that was founded by Feralon. The guild existed only as danish but then transformed into international with its own MMORPG community. We just launched our own community website http://prophetsofdoom.guildnow.com/. In the guild, members have choice to go pve or pvp or maybe different game like SWTOR where we have our guild two. We focus on finalising desires of our gamers because without gamers there is no community.
The guild consists of 240 mature and passionate members. Most members and officers are from the start of the game but new mature and progressing players are also valuable to us. Each player has its own unique personality. Together we create a big friendly family. We fund repairs for raiders during the raid time. We supply raiders with feasts and flasks. We support new players. Check Prophets of Doom yourself ^^

Recruiting for progress raiding
Currently we progress in casual 10 man 5/8 DS raiding but prophets looking to expand to a 2nd team. To finalise a 2nd casual raiding team we require 3 healers and 3 dps. The new raiding team will start to raid after Christmas. Before you secure your space in the core team you have to go through try-out runs to test your commitment.

We need healers: <Resto Shaman>, <Resto Druid>, <Holy Paladin>,
We need dps: <Range>, <Melee>, <Melee>

Requirements to join DS 10 man raiding
*372 + ilvl
*Active in the game
*Friendly & Disciplined
*Completed most LFR
*Having time to play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:00
*Punctual if possible, otherwise inform officers of delay or absence
*Good knowledge of DS tactics (some tactics will be explained)
*Most important have to enjoy playing the game

How to apply
Please spend some time filling an application on this link if you think you ready for DS: http://prophetsofdoom.guildnow.com/recruitment . Please add a note that you looking to join 2nd raiding team or rbg team. Each application will be commented and approved by an officer if above conditions has been met.