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View Full Version : [A] Exhumed - Looking for an experienced Raid Leader

26-10-2011, 06:39 PM
Greetings Shadowsong,

Exhumed are looking for an experienced RAID LEADER to help command our core 10 man raid squad which could potentially be expanded to 25 man in the near future and into patch 4.3 and beyond. You would be expected to attend the majority of our raids as our current raid leaders have unfortunately been sidelined by real life.

We are a level 25 guild, currently 6/7 in FireLands and we have 2 nights a week dedicated to raiding the current tier.
Progression raid nights are Wednesday & Sunday from 21:00 to 00:00 realm time.

The team is full of geared and enthusiastic raiders who are prompt and ready to raid. They simply require a consistent and good leader who can attend the majority of our raids.

Guild life is social and fun - there are normally activities going on during off nights, we run old school raids for 'morg gear and achievements and there is a good opportunity to join an arena team with other guildies if you like a litle pvp on the side or on an alt.

Guild repairs are free to raiders, so would of course be free to you also. The guild and our officers will be more than happy to help you settle in during your first few weeks.

Guild Type : Main focus is Raiding, but we are very social and also run guild pvp on off nights
Guild Level : 25
Raid Progression : Firelands 6/7, T11 All down and on farm
Raid hours : Progression Raids Wednesday & Sunday: 21:00 - 00:00 realm time, Tier 11 Farm Night Friday
Trial Period : 21 Days
Recruitment : Currently recruiting to possibly switch to 25 mans
More Guild info: http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk (http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk/)
Guild Guidelines: http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk/guild-guidelines/ (http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk/guild-guidelines/)
Further Application info: http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk/joining-exhumed/ (http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk/joining-exhumed/)

Maturity and good personality - We want people that are friendly and fun to be around, who can hold conversations in normal English instead of leetspeak and who treat others with respect.

Decisions decisions - Sure, there will be plenty to be made, but you don't have to do it all alone as the officers are there to support you.

Open Communication - Let people know in advance if you'll miss a raid. Let people know when you have ideas. Ask questions and seek help when you encounter something you don't know.

The ideal candidate should have the following characteristics

willing to spend most of their game time in the guild rather than on an alt who only shows for raids
able to use vent and speak clearly
has been through many raid encounters in the past
knows the boss fights inside out and is willing to do homework to learn new ones
able to work with the officers in the guild when needed
Recruitment is a thankless and tiring job. This WOULD NOT be expected from you as we have officers responsible for external advertising of the vacant positions within the guild. However your input would be highly valued and if you specifically think we need more players of a certain spec and class then we will obviously listen to you and your reccomendations.

Raid Supplies - All cauldrons, food and other consumables are lovingly provided by our guild bank so you do not have to worry about people being buffed up to the maximum...

So if you think this is of interest to you please contact an officer in game, pm us here or drop us an application on our website clearly marked as a "Raid Leader" application. We can then organise an interview in game or on vent depending on your application...

Thank you for reading


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