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View Full Version : [A] Brothers in Battle. PvE raiding guild.

20-10-2011, 02:00 PM
<Brothers in Battle>
is a PvE guild on the Alliance side of Shadowsong Europe.
We're founded in Januari 2010, with the intention to offer people a spot on this sever; raidingwise or not.

Brothers in Battle currently has 2 10 man raidingteams. Each with their own philosophy.

Team Phoenix:
Wednesday: 22.00-01.00
Sunday: 20.00-00.00
Monday: 22.00-01.00

Encounters downed:
Beth'tilac HC
Shannox HC
Lord Ryolith HC
Alysrazor HC
Baleroc HC
Majordomo Staghelm HC
Ragnaros (Currently progressing on HC)

Team phoenix is set up with the intention of downing as much endgame content within the current raiding tier. This on a competitive level. Aiming for Server first, seconds and maybe thirds as we have done in this current tier. Always looking to preform better then the rest.

Due to both a mixture of our competitive stand and our raiding-times we have chosen to only look at new members that are 18+ and have control over their own gametime. Players who have a mature attitude and can take criticism. Next to that we love having a laugh, who do have a sense of humor and people who don't feel like shouting after a wipe.

We're a close 10 man group, and therefor we ask for a high attendance. Of course real life can come up on occasion, however if this is on a regular basis it will become a problem. We raid 3 nights a week and expect our raiders to be there.

We expect people who can play their class to the limit, who have the ability to adapt to new situations and manage to optimize their dps/healing around those mechanics. People who know their classes other then just reading the Elitist Jerk forums. You should also be able to produce and analyze your own theorycrafts. We encourage players to explore their class's potential to the max and challenge the current accepted norms.

Awareness is the key on most occasions. Maximum performance is definitely necessary, but we aren't interested in people who tunnel vision their Recount or raid frames. We want players who can adapt quickly and effectively against raid encounters while maximizing their output. People who do not rely on someone calling out on vent but are able to realize this for themselves.

You can expect from us:
Good quality raids. This means no endless breaks, no messing around, our members are good prepared, food, flasks, raid knowledge ect. To ensure our raids go as smooth as possible.

A social community. Within the raid-team as well as in the guild. We're not scared for a chat on vent, skype or mumble at all. And with the large roster in the guild itself there will always be someone online.

We're currently recruiting for the upcomming patch!
Recruiting of the following:
-Demo lock
-Holy paladin
-Ret pala

Apply (http://www.vivid-guild.com/forum/phoenixapply2.php)

Team Goldfish:
Friday: 21.30-00-00.30
Saturday: 20.00-00.00

Encounters downed:
Shannox HC
Lord Ryolith HC
Alysrazor HC
Majordomo Staghelm HC

Team Goldfish is set up with the intention to have a social raiding spot. Social does not mean unorganized. Social means that our main goal is having a good time together rather then good progression, however those two are linked together.

Within this team you can find some alts from the other team, or even an alt from other guilds on occasion who have a raiding toon here. But also mains who are less interested in intense hardcore raiding.

The mix of experienced players who are joining on alts and people who haven't seen the content before gives a good working atmosphere on progression encounters for this team.

We have a roster of approximately 15-20 players to choose from. Those players can sign up at will. No minimum attendance is required to stay a part of this team, however a more regular attendance will make it more likely to pick you if we are oversubscribed on a day.

Even though we have a very easy atmosphere we do expect people to know their classes and roles. People do need to preform up to a standard. People are expected to be prepared with tactics, food, flasks ect. to ensure a smooth run.

What we offer people:
A social raiding spot, easier then most guild, if you can only come so much due to work, we can work with that. A friendly place to do some extra raiding, without screaming raid leaders. And a place to learn. Though we will not deny that when a Warlock only just found the ability Felstom on his Fellhunter we will not facepalm and make a joke about it. However still a place with good people who all want to have a good time and have some progression in the meanwhile.

Currently recruiting:
-Social members

Apply (http://www.vivid-guild.com/forum/fishapply.php)

17-11-2011, 11:11 AM