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06-10-2011, 01:27 AM
Aftershock Reborn

Aftershock formed in 2009 which was mainly comprised of mature players, in early 2011 the guild disbanded as many members "outgrew" Warcraft.

We're back and meaning business. We've always stood by not discriminating anyone and having no care for achievements! All we ask is you know your class and can listen to instruction.

A guild is there to earn the achievements as a team, not to outcast because of a lack of achievements!

We are now looking to recruit all insomniacs, late night works and generally people who don't have anything to do in the morning! We will be a very late night raiding guild.

Raiding Times:
00:00 - 03:00
Days to be decided.

Looking for:
Any level, any class is currently available to join us. We're a new guild and all friends are welcome. We will be putting tighter restrictions in future if we have an excess of a certain class so get in now!

No longer be unable to get to the raids due to work commitments or sleeping issues!

If you have any questions just /w me Ofthedamned online. I'll usually available around Midnight!!