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View Full Version : Quercus' alt run needs you!

12-09-2011, 12:28 PM
Hey there,

We're lacking attendees and as such we are looking for either well-geared alts of players with comparable progression on their mains who for whatever reason cannot attend the alt run of their respective guild. Or, any guild that like our own is lacking players and would be interested in merging alt runs.

Progression of the main raid: 3/7 hc

Usual alt run comp:
tanks: Warrior and DK DPS: Elemental shaman, feral druid, Demonology warlock and possibly a marksmanship hunter Healers: possibly a Holy paladin

As such we're on the lookout for: 2-3 healers preferably one with a decent dps os and 1-2 dps.

We do not want newcomers to FL or players below an ilvl of ~365 - I suppose this can be bend a little if you suggest a merger.

So far we've been doing this tuesdays 20.00-24.00. This is the date of preference, however, feel free to suggest otherwise - although accommodating several individuals with each their own schedule may prove difficult.

If you have any questions please catch me in-game via whisper or mail as to leave this thread as tidy as possible