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View Full Version : Protection Paladin LF Guild

29-07-2011, 01:10 AM
Hello to you who had the time to take a look at this post.

I am an experienced raider, been raiding since TBC mainly on my hunter, switched to tanking shortly before WOLTK came out and have been tanking ever since. And find it quite enjoyable and fun.

I know my classes very well and are always trying to find ways to improve on spec or playing style, through forum threads or talking to players i deem can teach me something.

I am looking for a semi hard core raid group since i can attend only 3 nights a week, family must come first. What i seek from a guild is structured raiding which at the same time are fun and yield progress.

What i can bring to the table, a well prepared player who is mature and posses a fair share of humor, accused of being helpful too.

my toons are at:


Should any semi hard core guild be in need of a class/player like me, give me a poke when im online or leave a post in the thread and i will get back to you