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View Full Version : LF feral/rogue for 3v3

22-07-2011, 05:45 AM
Disc priest and frost mage are searching a feral druid or a rogue for 3v3.

At this point we are ok geared, got full s10 except for weapons. Personally I've been at 1900 in 2v2 and team rating at 1800 in 3v3, though not with this character. We are aiming to end at a good rating this season, but the next season is when we will do everything from day 1.

We are looking for someone if not great experienced, you must have knowledge about your class/specc.
You must be able to communicate in English over skype, suggestions/discuss/feedback/constructive criticism.
This also indicates that you must be willing to improve yourself in the same degree we are.

Please contact me here by replying or sending a PM, or you can /w me(Vīrus) or Miendro in game.