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View Full Version : [A] Brothers in Battle - Raiding team looking for members!

21-07-2011, 11:32 AM
Brothers in Battle

“Brothers in Battle’s” Raiding team is looking for members!
Brothers in Battle is an All-round guild, next to the dedicated raiding team we have social members for a good chat and a PvP section including arena teams and is developing a RBG team.
A good atmosphere and the balance between those players makes Brothers in Battle a nice home to be in.

Brothers in Battle has been raiding since the end of WotLK and evolved from thereon.
Killing LK as their first endboss, we continued raiding in Cataclysm.
12/12 2/13HC last tier and now Firelands:

Current progression:
Beth’Tilac: DOWN
Shannox: DOWN
Lord Ryolith: DOWN
Alysrazor: Progressing
Baleroc: Progressing/ 5%
Staghelm: untouched
Ragnaros: untouched

Raiding schedule:
Friday: 20.00 – 00.00
Saturday: 20.00 – 00.00

What we can offer:
Our current raiding team is a great place to be, not afraid to laugh with each other.. or at someone’s (mostly my) expense. Can laugh about someone making a silly mistake but also having the seriousness and dedication to have progress going on.

What we want from you:
- Be available on both of the raiding days; of course you can have a day off every once in a while if something pops up, but we do have to be able to count on you in a regular setup.
- Know your class and role; pointing our hints and tips which can be used on a specific encounter is fine but we do expect you to know your basics by heart! Not to mention itemisation.
- Be prepared, if you come to a raid know what fights we will come across, know the tactics; have done your research, have enough food, flasks ect ect.
- Have a laugh, shouting people and ragequitting is NOT what we are looking for, we all understand that tensions get high if you have a 3% wipe and someone’s bow breaks because he forgot to repair but try to see the funny side of it, get in and go again.
- Have vent, and be able to at least listen; however speaking is a big bonus.

Currently recruiting:
- Tank; pala or druid preferred.

For more information go to:
or poke one of the officers online in the guild.