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View Full Version : Asendria's Death Knight Guide.

11-07-2011, 11:11 PM
Asendria's Guide of

Since nobody else does it, i thought why dont i just do it :D? so i made this guide. Take a look at it, ccorrect me if im wrong on anything please! Better save than sorry. Ok lets start off with Talents,

There's several builds for both Frost and Unholy, Atm im playing Unholy mainly and my build is 1 / 8 / 32, Armory link here, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/shadowsong/Asendria/talent/primary
tested out different stuff, also build without Rage of Rivendare for only using Necrotic Strike, and not use Scourge Strike at all, but i diden't like it that much. Personal preference ofcourse.


As mentioned above you have quite alot of choices to what to pick since you have alot of talent points to move around.

For example you can choose to take away some points, from the blood talent "Bladed Armor" which gives AP the more Armor you have, and move it to "Blade Barrier", that can help a lot if you feel like your always getting focused in arena, or w/e your mainly playing.

Glyphs for the DoT spec below.
Glyph of Raise Dead(pretty much in any of these spec choices),
Glyph of Icy Touch(this gets changed for Glyph of Scourge Strike when you go the spec with Rage of Rivendare because you use Scourge Strike)
Glyph of Death Coil,
Major Glyphs, i dont think these matters much for what talents you are, pretty much just personal preferrence. But here is what i have and what i think is the most commen used ones:
Glyph of Chains of Ice,
Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell,
Glyph of Strangulate,
Minor Glyphs,
Glyph of Resilient Grip,
Glyph of Horn of Winter,
Glyph of Deaths Embrace,(Yes, people like killing my pets alot x(!)

Dot Spec for Unholy.

A talent build which i think in theory would work very well with an Affliction Warlock (Shadowcleave for 3s) or Shadowpriest. you take points away from Rage of Rivendare, Sudden Doom, Unholy Blight, and mainly put them into stuff like, Virulence, and Ebon Plaguebringer, and maybe even Epidemic and Contagion, basic for all these specs is you allways want to go with Lichborne (gonna show a little trick later on in the guide), and also Endless Winter for free Mind Freeze. As for as for talent's goes, I dont want to say what you can and what you cannot, since its realy a lot of personal preference,

Basic's of Unholy play.

For Unholy in arena you wanna get pet enrage up so much of the time you possibly can, and ofcourse ((ALWAYS)), keep your dots up and rolling on your main target if not several, You wanna use festering strike even with the talents (as mentioned above), without "Rage of Rivendare", more death rune convertions = more attacks usable 8 seconds later, Outbreak of Cooldown usage is very Useful aswell and you will notice how much it helps on your rune uptime.

!!Tips n Tricks!! (OMG MUST READ!)
Lichborne as we all know by just looking at the tooltip, makes you immune to Sap, Polymorph, Fear, effects, (ONLY breaks fear and NOT poly and sap), but also which the tool tip does not directly tells, if you use Lichborne and then throw Death Coil's at yourself, they will heal for about 15k and can crit 30k+, its very useful as a defensive cooldown and i recommend making macro something like this.

#showtooltip Lichborne
/cast Lichborne
/cast [@CharacterName] Death Coil

"WARNING" Lichborne makes you an undead, so you can be Paladin Feared or priest Shackle Undead when you got Lichborne active.

Unholy Frenzy!

Unholy Frenzy. Increase your(or a party or raid member)'s Melee and Ranged Haste by 20% for 30 seconds, the guy affected by this will take equal damage of 2% of hes maximum Health Pool. Awesome part besides the fact that it increases your haste which is great for Unholy dks, is that it damage's you,(I know how this sounds :P) and can break Polymorph Blind, Sap, Repentance, Hex(takes a few ticks i think), basicly all those cc effects which breaks when the cc'd target recieves any kind of damage. Very very useful! Can save your teammates for using to many defensive Cooldowns. Which can easily mean winning a match! And we all know that is what we want .

Frost Attack prio and cooldown management.
I do not play frost anymore in arena, all i can say is combine Chains of Ice with Hungering Cold to get it off versus melee's. and on anything except for cloth, use Necrotic Strike instead of Obliterate unless your bursting ofc.
Macro for 1 min cooldown burst, pretty simpel, id recommend macro together Blood Tap and Pillars of Frost so it dosent cost any runes and wont screw up your burst. Something like this.
#showtooltip Pillar of Frost
/cast Blood Tap
/cast Pillars of Frost
/use (Pvp use trinket, thats how ive done it anyway :>)
Frost "Rotatio".
Keep up your diseases, Obliterate higer prio on mages then necrotic strike, Frost strike when your out of runes. use Frost strike when you get killing machine if your fighting a plate. If your fighting a cloth use obliterate and then you have some nice 25k crits. (30k for me :D). Get those killing machines procs used Asap even if your full runic power and your gonna use Obliterate!


For frost, there's a lot of choices for what talents to put where besides for talent points in the Frost tree, because you already have Lichborne and Endless Winter, Frost Prime Glyphs, Glyph of, Obliterate, Frost Strike and Hungering Cold, i think these are the only ones you should pick up for any frost spec except for if its a dps spec ofcourse!

Frost Prime Glyphs, Glyph of, Obliterate, Frost Strike and Howling Blast

Major Glyphs: Glyph of, Strangulate, Anti Magic Shell, Hungering Cold.

Minor Glyphs is very free choice but here is what i use: Glyph of Horn of Winter, Resilient Grip, Death Gate(you can easily change this to Glyph of Blood Tap).

"Strangulate Frost".

For the first option, we have a strangulate spec, which is pretty much just everything else than your talents in the frost tree to blood, where you get Blade Barrier, Bladed Armor, and Hand of Doom. This spec works very well if your playing with a class that has loads of slows, Mage, Hunter, Rogue, etc. 1 min on strangulate is fantastic if you do not need Desecration since you can easily force a lot of cooldowns with a strangulate if you time it right with your teams nuke, and being able to do it a second time before their trinkets are back up can pretty much result in a kill. In 2v2 however i do not recommend this if you play with a healer, since there's a lot of times where this can help you stay on a healer, saves you for runes for chains of ice aswell.

"Desecration Frost".

This is the spec i played to get 2.4k rating in 2v2 with Naturzel, (a resto druid), i tryied with the "Strangulate Frost" spec aswell, but simply used this because i have easy time staying on the other teams healer, and it slows down the dps, so my healer can run through desecration with the other teams dps, in case hes on my healer. For 3v3 this is a spec for playing with for example a Warrior, Warlock, Spriest, Elemental / Enhancement Shaman, Ret Pala, Basicly any Class that has loads of CC and or no/expensive slows.


Your serius? Are you still reading? because you should only play this if you play for arena cap and you dont have a frost or unholy spec hehe, but then you wouldnt be reading this guide, for RBG's though, id say get your guild to get a Prot Warrior instead, since any tank besides a blood DK is better, only thing i can say is, Spam Death Strike moar!!

Gearing and Gemming.

When it comes to gearing and gemming, you do diffrent if your frost or unholy ofcourse. While reading this please keep in mind that you should allways prio strength over anything else unless you can see that for example 50 haste is more beneficial than idont know, 5 strength? Anyways lets kick this section of the guide of with Unholy.

Unholy Gearing and Gemming.

If you are one of the lucky ones, (not me), who does Pve at a high level and do Pvp aswell, then i congratz you, cus you now prolly have access to getting a very big advantage when it comes to stats. What you wanna do as Unholy and for any other dk spec, is to get first of all Spell Pen cap which is exactly 195, but id say just go with 220 like i did. Which is to get spell pen enchant on cloak (+70), then gem 3 50 spell pen gems in blue sockets, i did Gloves, Legs, and Relic. I think i did a mistake though hehe, you can also go with Gloves Belt and Legs and then just place a 40 strength gem in relic, if your Jewelcrafter though you have another option, to get 84 spell pen gem from the special JC gems, and then only have 1 50 spell pen gem and the enchant on cloak, or have a gem which 20 spell pen and mastery and then 2 50 spell gems and Cloak enchant as allways. then you get 190, 5 of the cap. classes who have these Resistance aura's never use them since they expect you to be spell pen capped, but better save than sorry, because you do not wanna have your enemy resist a game breaking death coil.

Unholy Secondary stat prio.

5% Hit - 195 Spell pen - Haste - Mastery - Crit.
and always Strength higher than Haste ofc.

Frost Secondary Stat prio.

5% Hit - 195 Spell pen - Mastery - Haste - Crit.
Strength before Mastery guys as allways!

Death Knight Gameplay,
Unholy "Rotation".
Im not gonna say that you should push this button then this button then this button, cus for pvp theres not realy a rotation. For Unholy try and get your dark transformation of as often as possible, dont mash 1 button 4 times and so on, try and do death coils inbetween your rune strikes, or time your use of death coils to if you know for example a mage is gonna blink in a second for more consistent damage.

as of right now because of the Death Strike glyph nerf (Glyph of dark succor) in case you did not know. Dks are a realy squishy melee class, if not the most squishy. If you know your gonna get focused get in that Blood presence asap!! You will thank yourself for it! Watch out though because changing presences removes all your runic power down to 0. agianst double melee cleave's try to realy kite as much as possible if your getting focused a lot and you can see them popping cooldowns, you do NOT want to get popped by a big fat arms warrior who popped recklessness! As we all know Death Knights have a lot of anti magic protection, Anti magic Shell, Anti magic Zone(as unholy), and a lot of other tools which is very good but not directly says "anti caster defensive cooldown" on it , Death Grip, Pet Enraged Leap which interupts for 2 seconds an immobilize, Necrotic Strike(not a defensive cooldown ofc, but great to increase cast time), Strangulate. I have noticed when playing my alts for cap, that alot of Death knights pop as a closener, even when playing with a healer who can easily dispell and its the first 10 seconds of the match, now im not the one to judge if this is right or wrong, but i know as a fact that agianst a team with for example a caster it can mean losing or winning. You should allways use your AMS in a defensive situation to save your ass, if your getting focused, only to avoid cc or slow effects in case you realy need those 7 seconds of immunity to get that last hit! Choices like these comes with Experience, do not worry, just go practice and see what works!

Kiting as a Death Knight,
I know that death knights who just started out with PVP, probably do not know how to kite. Its actualy very simple, the main spells you use for when kiting is, Chains of ice, Death Grip(i know i t brings your target to you but in some cases it can actualy be useful), blood tap for more frost runes to chains of ice, death coil for more runes to keep up your slow, pet gnaw(this is optional but i find it pretty useful to gnaw for example a rogue of me so my healer can cleanse me or w / e and i can actualy run of instead of getting put into the next Kidney Shot >.<,) Keep in mind that you do not, wanna turn your back to the one your kiting. Its very important that you do not click your spells or abilities, because then this will be slightly less effective.

Controlling the Pets,
for your Ghoul Pet, I noticed something very anoying, in Wotlk there was a Energy "limit", which did so your ghoul could not use Claw and then get below 30 energy, this made it possible for your pet to Gnaw, whenever you wanted to(unless its on cooldown ofcourse :D), and you did not have to spam the button 10 times before your ghoul had enough energy >.<. In Cataclysm they removed this without telling us, only thing i can recommend is to put Claw of autoattack or make a glyph that makes your pet start useing Claw automatic when you have done your Gnaw. Ive seen some ppl who have Gnaw on autoattack, hey, if it works for you then i wont stop you!
Gnaw Macro so you can keybind it.
#showtooltip Gnaw
/cast Gnaw
That is just the basic for the macro to use Gnaw, what i do, is to have your gnaw macro binded to your mouse button on the left side where your thump should be if yoru right handed like me. The macro is,
#showtooltip Gnaw
/cast Gnaw
/cast Claw
What this does is just to use Gnaw and Claw when you want to, i feel like this is easy to get used to spam if you bind it to a comfortable keybinding. I bind this macro to my mouse button on the left side of it ^^.
The Gargoyle,
For the Gargoyle, its smart to pop your trinket and other cooldowns right before you pop Gargoyle since your gargoyle's damage scales with your stats, so Unholy Frenzy increases its attack speed, Pvp trinket if you have a 2min cooldown use trinket w/ e it will increases it aswell. This is simply to use your cooldowns effectively ^^!

Hope it could help you out, mostly made for beginners who just took their first steps into pvp.

Feel free to contact me ingame or just simply reply to my thread and ill answer as soon as i see it ;).

13-07-2011, 07:34 AM
Good stuff :)