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View Full Version : [A] Knights of the realm Semi-Hardcore

03-07-2011, 05:30 PM
Knights of the realm is restarting it's raiding activities!
And thus we're looking for active raiders who want to raid on a serious level with a hardcore attitude
but in a friendly guild and without the hardcore time requirement.

We raid Monday, Wednesday and Sunday from 8pm till 11.30pm Servertime
A 75% attendancy is required!

Currently we're looking at 10 man raids but we hope to switch to 25man as soon as possible.
We're looking for mature players who know their classe and role.
We want you to:
*Know your class back and forth
*Be a team player
*Be able to improve on your own for the good of the guild

We don't post specific gear requirements cause we're looking for players with a specific mindset.
Those that know that they are ready for 4.2 raiding.

Currently all Classes and roles are free to apply keep checking this thread for updates on open recruitment spots!

Interested post an application on http://knightsoftherealm.actieforum.com/


8pm-11.30pm Server time

75% attendancy required

All classes are open atm

18-07-2011, 10:17 AM