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View Full Version : [A] Midnight Oblivion Recruitment 6/12

24-06-2011, 11:38 AM
Hello there


Midnight Oblivion are a fairly new formed 10 man raiding guild right here on Shadowsong. We have members from different walks of life and age groups. The majority of our officer core has been guilded/raided together for a long time now so we have a cohesive unit.

We are currently trying to progress through Cata content but with the summer months draining the game of players its vital for us to recruit to survive. We have set raiding nights but don't have attendance requirements.

Raiding nights/time are currently ( Server time )

Wed - 20:00-00:00
Thur - 20:00-00:00
Sun - 20:00-00:00
Mon - 20:00-00:00

Classes Needed the most ( but all free to apply even if full )

Warlocks - (All specs)
Druids - (All specs)
Paladins - (Holy)
Warriors - (Full)
Hunters - (Full)
Shamans - (All specs)
Mages - (Full)
Priests - (Shadow/Holy)
Death Knights - (Full)
Rogues - (All specs)

What we can offer you if you join? well.....

- Free guild repairs during scheduled raids
- Good price on guild bank items based on AH prices ( usually half price but depends )
- A fun and friendly guild/raiding atmosphere, we dont tolerate elitists/idiots here
- Help with class mechanics/rotations and spamming of heroics for points/gear to help everyone perform well in raids

What we expect from you?

- To be sociable and act in a respectful manner
- Do nothing publicly which might bring the guild name into disrepute
- If you sign for a raid, we expect you to attend
- Enjoy yourselves :)

If you need more info or to apply, visit our site


Or whisper the following people ingame or if not available /who midnight oblivion and ask for an officer :)


Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon :)