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View Full Version : TOFW 10 man - 21.06.2011

21-06-2011, 12:16 PM
hi guys ,

i am aiming to gather a nice 10 man team to Attempt to clear Tofw if you need achievement .

Some Requirements

Good enchants
Best gems.
Some experience on the char you are trying to bring
346+ Gear is a must, it will be 10 man
Respect for your fellow raiders.
Experienced people needed

Loot rules

Rolling MS first OS second, keeping it nice and simple.

Raid times

Raid invites will be at 20:00pm and finish at 23:00.

What's Needed

1 tanks
3 healers
2 Melee
4 ranged

* if you need achievement please sign as i am thinking it will be so hard to find ppl when new patch live on servers.