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View Full Version : THE Guild

04-06-2011, 01:32 PM
The other day I was making level 1 chars on another server in order to see the new intro movies.

On one of those chars I got a whisper immediately after logging in by someone from "The Guild". It told me that "The Guild" is a guild that exists for people who can't be bothered to join a real guild with rules and obligations, just to benefit from guild perks.

It sounded like a nice idea to me, so: does a guild like that exist on Shadowsong (Alliance) and if not, are people interested in getting one?

- one possibility is my own bank guild, Candy Vendor (don't ask) with already 4 guildtabs. I've used it to store all sorts of stuff over the years, but really need so much tabs anymore. So I could make this into a guild that levels itself and only exists for people to get guild perks, but one guildtab would have to stay mine
- of you don't like the above for whatever reason I could take a char I hardly play out of my current guild and make a fresh guild with it
- all guildtabs would be free exchange
- this guild is not going to organise any activities for you
- there's no rules of conduct, noone's gonna get kicked and anyone can invite anyone. If someone takes the opportunity to be a dick, that's unfortunate, just turn off guildchat and ignore who you wish.
- the only thing I can see make drama is the guild perk "Cash Flow". To counter this, guild repair will be ALWAYS ON so everyone can benefit from it. Extra cash will have to find a use, my suggestion would be to first buy more guildtabs, then reward the top 10 or so contributors once we hit 25, then something similar from time to time.
- just to make it overly clear, I don't do this to gain anything myself. I won't take any gold from the bank
- if you like the idea but don't like my terms feel free to steal it and do it yourself, I won't *need* a guild like that myself, just offering to set it up

If there's 10 people interested I'll start this up. If the owner of "The Guild" on Shadowsong, Jonyb, is reading this, would you be interested in giving this guild up? Money for guildtabs would be reimbursed but not offering more payment, we can always come up with a name ourselves if my bankguild won't do.