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View Full Version : Reliable lvl 85 raiders required !!

22-05-2011, 09:16 AM
Demons of the night are recruiting!!

The demons need more lvl 85 raiders to compliment our raid team/s.
Already we have killed 5/12 bosses and kill Argaloth in Baradin Hold on a regular basis.

We are a very friendly guild built around an excellent team of officers and very active members.
HC's Raids and "Old Skool Raids" are always on our calendar. Our raids finish at 11pm server time although sometimes if we are feeling up for it we do continue the extra half hour+ more.

Although we are not "hardcore" at our raids we still have some simple rules to follow:

We ALWAYS use ventrilo for our raids. NO VENT NO RAID.
A calendar system is used for signing up to our raids. Always sign the invite EVEN IF you can not make it.
Raid leader and assistants word are final in regards to team selection.

You have to have FUN ;)

A website is also in use for guild members please visit http://demonsofthenight.guildzilla.com/ (http://demonsofthenight.guildzilla.com/)
Ventrilo is supplied and paid for by our GM and is purely used for guild members only.

Currently we are recruiting ALL roles and classes, EXCEPT mage.
We will need tanks and healers as a priority but dps will not be turned away (unless your a mage sorry :( ) so feel free to ask any of our members in game for an invite to guild or use the above link to our website to join us.
Alternatively email the GM directly at : TYROB@SKY.COM emails get read every other day and will be the slowest way to join us. Contact Tyrob, Wíndowlicka, Staggadin or Shammyfez for more info on our raids.

We look forward to welcoming you in game :)