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View Full Version : [A] Overdrive - 25m [1/13]Hardmode guild recruiting

18-05-2011, 12:41 AM
Hey there,

As of the 7th of April, Overdrive is a merged guild, consisting of the 10m Overdrive and Outset, focussed on downing 25m Hardmode content. Most of us have a long raid experience stretching all the way from late Vanilla to present time and most have been downing the content WoW has to offer together for quite some time now.

Our coremembers are ex-hardcore raidraiders, that are now more interested in a more lenient raiding schedule, whilst still maintaining a high capability to clear Hardmode content and playing with their friends they have been playing with throughout multiple major content patches or even entire expansions.
Most of us know each other for a long time from previous guilds, this means we have built this around longlasting friendship, spanning across expansions. Most of our guild have experience in raiding ranging from Molten Core to AQ40, Full clear SWP(up to Mu'ru pre-nerf) and Alone in the Dark to 11/12 ICC HM.

Because we only raid 3 days a week, we want quality over quantity; when we raid we demand full focus and that you have enough time free for the full raid.
If you are looking for a guild that plays with the skills and intensity of a 25man hardcore guild, but with a reduced time commitment we would love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in joining our ranks please read on.

We still demand something from you as well, we want you…
... to have common sense, friendly attitude and know how to behave yourself.
... to be stable raiders who can wait with their afks till the scheduled raid breaks.
... to be prepared for raids; repaired, with flasks, logged on to ventrilo ect.
... to understand that we do NOT tolerate slacking, this goes for enchanting, gems, ect.
... to have fun and keep enjoying raiding.
... to be competitive in nature and be keen on improving your performance
... to write and speak English.
... take and give constructive criticism
... to understand PvE, your class and WoW in general.
... to have a stable connection and computer.

Please take your time when writing your application as this is the first chance you will have to make a good impression. It is likely a badly written application will be discarded at first sight. We will contact you ingame or via our forums' message system.
We do accept Ventrilo applications as an addition or supplement to your written application. You can request one by contacting Epie, Herethorn, Jurgén ingame, or by leaving a post on our forums.

*Our raidtimes*
Wednesday, Sunday, Mondays from 19:30-23:00

*Our current recruitment needs are:*
1 Enhancement shaman -High-
1 Rogue -High-
2 Ranged Caster DPS -Medium-
Our latest recruitment needs will always be accurately be shown on our homepage and public announcements forum.
Your class or spec not in our list? We will always carefully consider exceptional rerollers/applications, we value your playstyle much more than the gear you've acquired thusfar.

Please check out our forums at: http://overdrive.forumaction.net/

If you have any questions, please feel free to whisper either me(Epie), Herethorn or Jurgén.

22-05-2011, 07:43 PM
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