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View Full Version : [H] Twisted Tranquility - 10man Guild LF Healer

27-04-2011, 11:14 AM
Twisted Tranquility was formed a few months before Cata by a group of friends who had played with eachother on various servers for years. The 2 GMs have excellent previous experience and have all cleared most content whilst it was current progression raiding. We have a dedicated 10 man raiding team (We never plan to change to 25man) and each member is counted on to attend almost 100% of raids, and as such any new member would also have to hold them standards. The guild has many social members (some ex-raiders) who are able and willing to come on a standby basis if/when needed. We love to joke around and keep the atmosphere light, yet are still serious when it comes to our raiding standards.

We consider ourselves to be a semi-hardcore guild by nature because our standards are such that slacking is never tolerated when it comes to gear/gems/enchants/buff food/flasks, attitude etc (Guildbank pays for all Flasks/Food/Repairs and everything else is Half AH price). We don't however bite your head off if you mess up in raids once or twice, as long as you learn from your mistakes it's all good. Progress is all about learning! The guilds current progress of 4/13HC is due to healers chain-quitting the game resulting in a lul for TT's progression raiding. We're back on schedule now a very dependable raid team, but now need to replace our old Hunter, apply if we look interesting. Within one week we went from 11/12(+1HC) to 4/13, that shows our dedication to progress and we aim to keep the pace up.

* We raid Wednesday, Friday and Monday from 20:00 - Midnight
* We prefer applicants to be 18+
* We use Ventrillo during raids, you ar required to listen but a mic is a bonus
* We like to have a positive and friendly/light atmosphere so members should treat eachother with respect and have fun
* We expect our raiders to know their class and do their own research, we should not have to babysit you

All raiders in the guild are very well geared and we're definately looking forward to pressing forwards and tacking more HCs. If this sounds like a place you're interested in don't hesitate to contact any officer via our website at
twisted-tranquility.wowstead.com or in-game:
Navoan/Temaléth on Shadowsong(EU).

Still definately in the market for an exceptional Hunter (MM/Surv)!


~ TT Officers

01-06-2011, 11:19 AM
Quick update, we've filled our healing spot with a Holy Pally who so far seems exactly what we want, exceptional.

We're now in the market for a new Hunter as ours recently went AWOL on us =/ Check our the website or see Navoan/Temaléth in-game!

03-06-2011, 04:49 PM
After finding a new hunter we are yet again cut short, Twisted Tranquility are now looking for a very experienced Retribution Paladin (Pref with Prot OS) to fill a now vacant spot within the raid team. Check out the website or speak to us in-game.