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View Full Version : [A] Original - Recruiting - 4raids/wk.

04-04-2011, 03:28 PM
Original is currently seeking active and experienced players to join our ranks and the ongoing work in Cataclysm and beyond.

Raid Progress - 6/13 HC

We are currently looking for-

Healer – Priest, Druid and Shaman.

Ranged – Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid, Mage, Lock, Hunter and Shadowpriest

Melee – Enhancement Shaman.

Exceptional applications will ALWAYS be considered.

Guild Info

We have been raiding as a guild for 5 years on the Shadowsong EU server, and during this time have experienced all content from MC to Sunwell, with only Naxxramus left unfinished (vanilla). We are a friendly and longstanding guild, who enjoys seeing and conquering the top end content and enjoying ourselves in the meanwhile, striving for (and hopefully achieving) the perfect balance between hardcore raiding and having some decent fun.

Guild progress

Cataclysm – 6/13 Heroic.

TotfW – Cleared

BoT – Cleared

BWD – Cleared

WOTLK - 10/25 all cleared and on farm status,

Plus Heroic: Glory of the Raider completed.

25 Ulduar - 14/14 + Hardmodes

10 Ulduar - 14/14 + Hardmodes

25 ToC - 5/5 - Normal 5/5 Heroic

10 ToC - 5/5 - Normal 5/5 Heroic

25 ICC - 12/12 Heroic

10 ICC - 12/12 Heroic

10 RS - 1/1 Heroic

25 RS - 1/1 Heroic


SSC/TK/MH/BT - Cleared.

SWP - 6/6 - (up to muru pre-nerf)


Raiding times

Monday - 19.40 inv, start 20.00 untill 00.00

Wednesday - 19.40 inv, start 20.00 untill 00.00

Thursday - 19.40 inv, start 20.00 untill 00.00

Sunday - 19.40 inv, start 20.00 untill 00.00

With a small 10 minute break around 22.00 every raid.

We expect a minimum of 75% attendance from our members as we prefer a tight and close-knit guild that can rely on each other to show up and perform.

A successfull applicant will:

- Have experience playing within a dedicated raid guild at high/endgame level.

- Be able to meet our 75% attendance requirement.

- Fully understand the theory and mechanics behind their class.

- Have a fully working and reliable computer and internet connections!!! DC’s make us cry.

- Be willing to dedicate time outside of raids to preparation, both consumables and with in-depth understanding of each fight.

- Be able to focus totally during raids, this means no TV/music/MSN/other.

- Have Teamspeak 3 and use it, preferably with a microphone as well.

- Have a will to progress, not farm, and enjoy the wiping that comes with it.

- Be friendly and willing to help and enjoy your time in the guild

- Understand and agree with our guild rules and the way we work.

If you find yourself flinching at any of the above, we are probably not the guild for you! However, if you find yourself with a will to fight your way to the top of current content with a friendly and motivated group of people who are willing to have a good time and be a little crazy while we do so, step right up.

If you are interested in applying please visit our website for full rules, a chance to get to know us, and information on how to apply. Please direct any further questions to Narayan via the forum PM system or in-game.

The Original Management


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