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View Full Version : [H] Glory of the Hero (Red proto-drake reward)

03-04-2011, 07:52 AM
Hello there!

I'm Phoxim, level 85 horde rogue on Shadowsong and looking for the following:

I'm trying to get the achievements done for the Glory of the Hero achievement. I'm trying to solo it, but I just seem to get stuck on the bosses. I can solo the trash groups in the 80 heroics, but most bosses either require you to do things that need multiple people or they just output too much damage for me to heal through with recuperate.

So I'm here asking if anyone else is looking for this achievement. Probably going to need a healer of some sort or a tank that can take the bosses damage better then me in leather :)

As I see it, two 85's can do pretty much most of the achievements. Just need more I think for the Oculus achievements and the impale (that requires 5 people to get impaled in the fight)

I'm also willing to pay (although I dont have a fortune to spend) if you prefer that.

Thanks for reading!

- Phoxim