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View Full Version : [H] Destiny - Recruiting for casual relaxed raiding and more

25-03-2011, 03:47 PM
Hello all,
<Destiny> was founded back when TBC hit by some long term online friends. We cleared some of the TBC 10/25 men content and then some of us had a long break for real life issues. Now we are back and would like to gather some more people to raid 10 men places at a peaceful and casual pace.

At the moment we need 4 dps (ranged or melee does not really matter, our players are available to play the character they have in the role we need) but we will consider any application (most of us have geared up characters to fill any role anyway).

What we look for
Adult and mature players who want to start experiencing end game content with us. We like to have a laugh and take raiding for what it is, just a game. We also welcome social players.

What we do NOT look for
The list is long but to keep it as short as possible: players with the "gogo" syndrome, players with the "ffs" syndrome, elitists and bad mannered people in general.

We still a couple of dps so if you would like to try and see our environment feel free to poke Shakahn, Ravenhead or Sagras (often online as Blundie, lvl 67ish hunter) in game. We are online from 21.00pm to 1am roughly usually.