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View Full Version : Looking for a new 'home' - 4/13 hardmodes

22-03-2011, 12:10 AM
Hi there. thought I'd put this up as I'm currently looking for a new guild.
any questions feel free to whisper me on Preventation on shadowsong, or either of my two characters on Chamber of Aspects.

Who am I?

Name: Nikolaj
Age: 16, 17 in about a month and a half.
Nationality: Denmark
Interests: I'm currently studying Marketing, currently on my first year of 3, other than that I really enjoy playing football, although only on a casual level :) - bit of a rusty Manchester United fan. Obviously love to party and drink the brain out, hanging out and what not. when I'm on my own I usually watch a good movie, play some Call of Duty etc.

The Character

Name: Cleaveandrun (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/cleaveandrun/advanced)
Spec/class: Protection Warrior (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/cleaveandrun/talent/primary)
Choice of professions: I've chosen Jewelcrafting & Blacksmithing, offers me the best versatility and flexibility when it comes to gem choices, and unlike most other proffesions who just gives pure stamina I can for example gem a bit more mastery/avoidance.
Choice of Race: Playing a male Tauren, as I choose to be a meatshield, I thought what other class could do it better? and then there's of course the extra base health racial. everything helps.
/played: 43 days (14 ˝ at 85) hit level 80 halfway trough ICC

I would however also like to offer my Priest as I enjoy playing it a lot aswell, and while I've only just hit level cap on it recently, I still perform at a high level.

Name: Preshield (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/Preshield/advanced)
Spec/class: Holy/Disc Priest (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/Preshield/talent/primary)
Choice of Professions: I currently don't have any, but I'm planning on leveling up Enchanting & Alchemy atm. good benefits for a priest, intellect from enchanting as our best stat, and same for alchemy, although a bit flexibility as I could change for extra spirit should it favour the fight.
Choice of Race: I've chosen a Female Bloodelf, like the animations of the bloodelfs but wouldn't want to be a fagelf either. the racial extra mana is just pure win when it comes to healing, specially now in cataclysm where mana "matters" (lol resto shammies)
/played: 9˝days (4 being at 85) no experience prior to cataclysm as it was only a low level during ICC.

Why Tanking? Why Healing?

Ever since I had my first shot at tanking, I've been addicted, I really like how I'm "in control". I (mostly) set the pace during heroics, trash, and I love the diversity during encounters, going from tanking the boss to picking up adds, lots of kiting, and of course the Alpha and Omega - My big fucking shield :D

Healings another story, troughout wotlk I've tried healing on all the different classes but priest, and didn't find it very exciting, but during ICC when I discovered the phenomenon Preshielding (hence the name), I got hooked on the idea of leveling a priest and trying it out. unfortunetly before I hit the level cap, Cataclysm came out and I had to take a break from playing the priest, and the gameplay was completely changed. once raiding slowed down a bit (we started out with every day of the week first 2 resets of cata, and then slowly from 6 to 5 to 4 where we are now) I decided to give it a shot again, and quickly roflstomped 1 button spammed my way trough dungeons up to 85 a few weeks ago and after just 2 days of running a few heroics ahd my first go at a pug raid, and just fell in love with holy. really love how healing is never the same (atleast.. sort of) how you have so many different ways to approach the healing and having to make the right decision for a given mechanich.


Where do I start? Well, I started out in May 2006 as an alliance Rogue, much fun was had but the level of play was very low. It took me until January 2007 to ever hit my first level cap (70, 60 was done during tbc aswell) and during the rest of TBC I only got to raid Tier 4 Content. Having matured up a bit when WotLK came out I decided I wanted to raid content when it was current and hence rerolled a horde hunter, all of this have been here on Shadowsong, and Joined Hazzalyfe, we slowly progressed trough Naxxramas, and I had my first taste at actual raiding, not that it was pretty, and I surely wasn't a good raider either - but we had fun. - Moving on to Ulduar, where I unfortunetly took a break from WoW, started up again a little after ToC came out, I realized I really wanted to do some more serious raiding and quickly grinded out the best gear available to me and made an application to Aftermath, amazingly I got accepted for trial and had my first shot at a more "hardcore" kind of raiding, while I still wasn't a very good raider, I had improved, and it also here the short time I was there that I learned about the art of -not- standing in fires, my trial didn't last long though, as I just didn't have the overall raid awareness needed for 'hardcore' raiding at the time. ( I did manage to get Beasts down on heroic once though ) so I took a bit of a casual approach at the game again until ICC came out. where I once again decided to shape up and give serious raiding a try. I joined the 10man guild Vitiated who was expanding into a 25man guild and we had some good raiding, fast forward a month or two after Lich King was released and Vitiated was strugling getting raids together, it was decided to go 10man again and I was not offered a spot, despite being their only hunter, and continously top 3 dps on all fights. so there I was good bit into the last content patch of the expansion and no guild. luckily for me that was about when Hive decided to kick their RL and his closest friends in the guild (or well they left with him) so Fury was created. and I think the day after I stumbled across them and got offered a trial spot so to speak, as I was the 10th person on their at the time 10man team I think. I also rerolled from a hunter to a DK tank at this time, better known as Taunting. Fast forward trough ICC, Fury grew rapidly fast, and after just 1 month we had already taken down Lich King 25 normal and quickly started rampaging trough the heroic modes. most guilds hit the usual summer problems, attendance and whatnot, soon after, but not Fury, we were quickly up there with the oldschool top guilds and after just about 1-2 months was in the top 5 on the server with 11/12 heroic 25man. Lich King heroic 25 started out great but after barely making the second transition (Wiped at 40.5%) raids started failing and in the end I decided to look for a new 'home'. I joined a guild called "Bird is the Word" on Ravencrest and ended up getting a LK25HC kill there aswell, we were supposed to split into 4 10man groups for cataclysm but just a week or two before Cataclysm, my team (#4) which was basicly all new recruits and 1 member decided to move to another server and start our own guild as Ravencrest had login ques already before the expansion hit. fast forward we started raiding on a server called Chamber of Aspects, and have been there since, currently the #1 guild on the server 2 bosses ahead of #2. but due to recent circumstances (and well the whole time there being up and down) I've decided to look for a new 'home' again, and was hoping shadowsong could be the place.


Vanilla : non-existant raid progress, casual leveling
TBC : tier 4 content as a Rogue, very casual
Wotlk :
3.0.x - Naxxramas 25 14/15, OS 25 0 drakes, malygos 0/1.
3.1 - Pause
3.2 - TotGC 25 1/5
3.3 - ICC10HC 12/12, RS10HC 1/1 (horde first), ICC25HC 11/12 (40.5% on heroic lk 25)
Cataclysm :
Blackwing Descent 6/6 normal, Atramedes, Chimaeron & Maloriak on heroic
Bastion of Twilight 4/4 normal, Halfus down on heroic (both 10 and 25, with 10man being both prenerf and postnerf)
Conclave of Wind 2/2 normal

Question regarding my role during the different encounters are more than welcome.

Former guilds

Hazzalyfe - social-casual until 3.1, left because of my break from the game.
Aftermath - My first taste of semihardcore raiding, but I wasn't good enough at the time.
Vitiated - 10man guild who went 25man at the time I joined, but couldn't handle it and went back to 10man again, leaving no spot for me.
Fury - Rapidly progressing guild who hit a brick wall in the end and I didn't fell anything was being done to overcome that. so I moved to another server to try another kind of raiding (Danish 10man)
Bird is the Word - spend 2 months here but a little after passing my trial and getting on a 10man team for cata my team moved to another server
Filthy Few - My current guild, currently #1 on Chambers of Aspects, who has just decided to migrate to the Alliance side of Silvermoon and I'm not interested in that.

so.. why Shadowsong, Why me?

As I don't feel the atmosphere in my current guild is how I'd like it to be, and recent circumstances (which can be explained on vent) I'm looking for a new 'home' and so I started hunting for possible new guilds, and started out here on my former server, Shadowsong, hoping to find a place where I can

Raid ~3-4 times a week, for about 3-4 hours
Expect people to bring their a-game, and if not for them to be 'dealt' with, instead of incompetent 'leaders' who just lets it go all the time (nothing harsh, just that in my current guild if you were a windowlicking 'retard' and attacked the wrong mob the entire encounter while pulling 10k dps or even pull less dps than the tank ona single target encounter, you'd still be there the next day)
Play my alt during a weekly alt raid, having other stuff to do than just 'hardcore' raid is very important to me, as this is afterall a game. (this is optional tho' with the GDKP comming up).
And for ventrilo to have room for jokes and what not.

I can offer a focused and 'driven' player, who's eager to progress, and brings the a-game. I keep my attendance high, and never sign off a raid less than 2 raids in advance, so that Raidleaders have time to plan accordingly if I'm needed on a specific encounter.

Outside of Main-raids, I enjoy playing my few high lvl alts, and do so at a high level of play. other then that I enjoy playing FPS games, currently Call of Duty, but soon picking up Bulletstorm aswell :)

I also enjoy chitchatting on ventrilo whenever, getting to know everyone etc etc.

My Gear and Enchantments

Itemization: Current content has proven Avoidance to be the best stat to reforge/gem for, Stamina is provided to gear, and further enchanting/Gemming it only increases the amount of mana needed to top a tank off (certain fights of course vary, but general sensus)

For the priest, Intellect is king, and after that comes either mastery or haste for holy, depending on how you like to heal, personally I havn't decided full out yet and am currently a bit mixed on both.

Warrior is pretty straight forward, not much choice if you ask me only thing I change is which minor shout to use if the buff was needed ( 10 man ) and for kiting purposes Piercing Howl.
for priest same stuff applies, not much choice, there's the Lightwell vs. Renew which really just depends on prefferences and the fight, and how good your raid team is.
pretty straight forward I've gone for Mastery/Avoidance wherever possible on the warrior, and on priest I've taken mostly mastery but haste where mastery wasn't doable.

Extra Goodies..

Internet connection

My connection is a rock solid.. 4mbit/512kbit connection, never DC, I think in the past 1˝ year, I've had 2 dcs, and one was due to an ancient temporary computer who coudln't handle 25man raids. and a steady 50 ms.

computer spec:
Monitor:BenQ 24" LED TV - 1920*1080
Motherboard:ACPI x64
Processor: AMD Phenom Quadcore II 965 3,8 Ghz
Ram: 4 gigabyte clocked at 1200
OS: Windows7 64bit
Graphic card ATI Radeon HD 5850 Black Edition
Keyboard & Mice: Logitech G110 & Mx518

User Interface:

Just got my new computer so work in progress, currently uploading a video of my most recent raid - bear in mind I just got this computer this reset so the ui is very much work in progress and might seem clutterish while I figure out where to put the different stuff in action.

Video added (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUxp0ouG_Jw)

for now I'll just add a screenshot

http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/2019/recruitmentui.th.jpg (http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/2019/recruitmentui.jpg)

World of Logs:

Here (http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/102939/) and here (http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/92627/) are recent logs

during early progression in cataclysm I've continously been ranked top 20-30 on progress fights and occasionally top 10 aswell, with I think the best being #7th or #8th on Cho'gall.

Cheers in advance :)

22-03-2011, 12:18 AM
Oh and I apoligize for the colors, when I wrote this the background wasn't very good with neutral colors so I ended up with something I was sure could be read.

22-03-2011, 10:43 PM
Hello again mate,
I have had some time to have a read. If you go to our forums and have a look at your private messages there is some info for you there.




23-03-2011, 08:19 AM
bump ... and GL finding a new guild mate ;)