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View Full Version : (A) Incarnation is recruiting!

01-03-2011, 10:29 AM
Hey peeps,

As the title says the guild Incarnation is now recruiting. I created the guild on 26/02/2011 with 3 friends of mine to persue Cata raids. Being small and at the beggining im posting every where i possibly can to be able to recruit more members. Got to start some where!

Anyway, we are now under going heavy recruitment for all classes apart from Hunters to build up 10 man teams (forming into a 25 man team). As the 4 of us who created the guild (1 other random dude) descussed, we'd like a disciplined and mature raid team so we can remain competative within the server. However, this isnt to be taken too heavily because we would still like a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere to raid with. The discipline must mearly be there to keep things running as smooth as possible.

What we require from you:

You must be able to attend atleast 2-3 days a week and the raid starts at 20:00 server time, this is so people can get home and eat/watch some tv before having to raid. the raids will end at 23:00 server time.

There are no set raid days so far because oonce we get more members we will find out the most popular days and then go from there.

We raid as one big team, so thats what we are, there must be no selfish acts, the people always come before yourself. No moaning about wipes, or qq'ing about other players performance, we all have a part to play. Those who are under performing will be dealt with accordingly.

Always bring food, flasks/elixirs, any potions that are relevant, and anything you may have to benefit others is always a bonus! And ofcourse BE REPAIRED! This ofcourse makes sure every1 is maxed as much as we can be to increase that chance of getting a dead boss!

As we are small and newly formed we understand many of you will have alts that enjoy the guilds perks of lvling etc etc, so we are happy for oyur alts to stay in the guilds while you get them up. Aslong as we have your dedication to raid with your mains then there will be smiley faces all round :).

I think i have said enough, and you all get the idea.
If you are interested please apply at www.Incarnationguild.webs.com or wisper me in game or Linata.

Otherwise thank you very much for reading, hope to chat in future!!

Laier - Guild Master of Incarnation.