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View Full Version : Serenity recruiting

25-02-2011, 12:36 PM
<SERENITY> 25man raiding guild (5/12)
LF serious mature players to upgrade our ranks for core raiding.
Atm we need more dps classes:
enc shaman
unholy dk
others will be seriously considered.

Raiding times 8pm-11pm (@11pm we r doing a readycheck to see if peeps can stay longer, if someone declines, raid is over for that day, no explanation needed to give)
We use loot system which is explained completely @ our forum.

Applications can always be done on site : www.euserenity.guildzilla.com (http://www.euserenity.guildzilla.com) or ingame by whispering Steropes or Grooverx on shadowsong server.

Hope to see many of you soon