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View Full Version : [H] Vitiated Recruiting for 10 man progress

21-02-2011, 10:44 AM
What do we need?

We are looking for a ranged dps and a healer atm, primarily:

Resto Shaman

But we will consider applications from any ranged dps or healer.

As it's the beginning of an expansion we do not neccessarily expect applications from brilliantly geared people. What we do expect is the best gear available to you, with maximum effort put into your enchant and gem choices.

Our Progress?

12/12 Normal Progress
1/13 Heroic Progress

Vitiated is a level 13 guild, about to ding 14.

Who are Vitiated?

Vitiated started at the beginning of 2009 as a 10 man heroic raiding guild. We've had our shares of ups and downs throughout WotLK, but we successfully cleared a majority of the heroic content and battled our way through achievements. We've started strong for Cataclysm having cleared all of the normal content, and have just got underway with the heroic modes.

Our focus?
It will always be progress above loot, and making the best use of the time available to us. Farming old content is not something we're interested in beyond gearing ourselves up to better tackle the harder content. We are hoping to recruit a couple more like minded people to allow us to successfully continue with Cataclysm.

When do we raid?

Three times per week (ST)
Tuesday 20:00-00:00
Thursday 20:00 - 00:00
Sunday 20:00 - 00:00

We expect our members to be reliable and generally able to attend two raids per week.

What else do you need to know?

We're a fairly laid back guild - we all have real lives and we all play to enjoy the game. Our aim is to recruit mature and capable people who are knowledgable and passionate about their class as well as the game in general.

We expect members to be fully prepared for raids, this means looking at and understanding tactics prior to a raid, as well as being fully enchanted and gemmed. Raid consumables such as pots, flasks and repairs are generally paid for by the guild bank and we also have a healthy supply of gems and enchanting materials.

We do not use DKP. We are a reasonably small group of people and as such we distribute loot via rolling - we tend to limit the amount of loot someone can roll on if the RNG is being too favourable - this keeps it fairer and the distribution even.

How do you apply?

The easiest way is to post an application on our forum (http://www.vitiated.co.uk/forum) and follow the template set out there. You don't need to register in order to apply.

You're also welcome to poke any of us in game if you require further information.

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