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View Full Version : [A] 10-Man Raidgroup <Regrouped> Looking for a Healer

15-02-2011, 03:32 PM
The Raidgroup best known as <Sharks> (But apparently now named <Regrouped> ...for some reason) are currently looking to recruit a healer to join our ranks.

We are 5(6) in BWD and 3(4) in BoT and raiding two days per week, Thursdays and Mondays between 20:00-23:00 Servertime.

Restoration Shamans and Holy Priests (and possibly Holy Paladins) are particularly interesting, but we would be willing to hear out any main spec healer with the right set of mind that applies.

At the moment we are all from the same guild <Ancarim Iron Legion>, but as a raidgroup you're free to stay in whatever guild you want. In fact as <AIL> is a social guild we are not trying to recruit into the guild itself.

Please contact Mordehcai, Slothie or Wintra in game for more information.

Best regards.

Ps. We are also looking for a temporary healer for this next raidweek unless we've found a more permanent solution by then.