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View Full Version : (a) denied recruiting for 10man raiding.

20-01-2011, 07:43 PM
<Denied> is currently a Level 12 casual raiding guild focused on 10man raiding with a strong emphasis on the social aspect of the game. Its members consist of numerous personalities including Husband and wife duos, nerdy geeks, university students and parents from places all over the world. These include notable places such as the Netherlands, UK , Norway, Denmark , Sweden and even as far as the USA. <Denied> has been around a long time in various forms. The most notable form was Radient Moon (The guild with the spelling mistake) in Vanilla WoW. This guild formed part of the W.A.R.D raid alliance alongside Wave of Heroes, Dawn of Lightning and Aesir Descendants. It successfully raided MC/BWL/AQ20/40/ZG and Naxx.

In TBC, Denied was born with the end of large scale raiding and pursued 25man raiding - with great success. All 25man content was cleared up to and including Sunwell, with the reward of a warglaive for our efforts. In WotLK the raiding continued to be successful, Naxx,OS,EoE and Ulduar were conquered including some hardmodes until a new chapter began, focusing on 10 man raiding. It wasn't long before the forces of the scourge fell to the might of this small guild. With the Lich King defeated and 10/12 heroic achieved, another chapter in this guild's history came to a close.

With the first week of raids firmly under our belt, <Denied> has proven itself yet again with the first bosses in BWD and BoT falling before its valiant adventurers. Onwards!


<Denied> raids Sunday and Monday night between the hours of 20:00 and 23:00 servertime. The raid team is selected according to performance and reliability with a fair rotation policy in mind.

The following Classes are what we are currently looking for; however, if your class is not listed below dont be put off; we will consider all applications.

Holy Priest

Melee DPS
Deathknight (Tank OS pref)
Assasination Rogue
Enhancement Shaman

Ranged DPS
Fire Mage

All applications can be submitted via our guild webpage http://www.deniedshadowsong.guildlaunch.com

Please feel free to contact the following people ingame for further information or clarification:


We look forward to hearing from you.

24-01-2011, 10:02 AM
Currently 3/6 BWD , 1/4 BoT and 1/2 To4W (week 2)