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View Full Version : {H} Balance Druid Looking For Guild

14-01-2011, 01:24 AM
Hello, I am looking for a Horde Raiding guild that raids 10 and 25 man content.

I am a Troll Druid with Balance Main Spec with a Resto Off Spec ( but can change OS to suit the Guild)

I know alot about druids so i can always help out people with them as i have played all specs at top level

I am a very experienced raider within the game

I have raid leaded in the past and enjoy it and hoping i can bring new tactics if needed to the guild

Cleared Most content within the game, just missing Cata Bosses.

I am a Leatherworker and Skinner and can make all the new epics to help the guild.

If you would like to know anything else whisper me in game or mail me and i will reply back as soon as possable

Here is a link to my current gear aswell


Thank you for looking at this