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View Full Version : (Alliance) Warr LF 2v2\3v3 team

07-01-2011, 03:53 PM
I typically have an awful time finding partners for arena on Shadowsong. Pretty much 90% of the time I end up with some god awful player. Now, I actually don't mind this as long as they work to improve but 100% of these people don't. Not at all, nada though I try to help as much as I can. I am at a point where I'm almost ready to simply transfer somewhere else (I played on another [pvp] server a long time ago, and just about everyone I found in trade was 'really good' (tm)).

For example, my current 2v2 partner (a holy pala) had 40 points in the holy tree when I met him, and he didn't even have sacred cleansing (I mean, come on...) and hadn't glyphed Turn Evil, is not fully gemmed nor fully enchanted. I asked him to change his spec and such. Most of our wins, he's died (despite throwing out every peel I can think of) and I've had to 2v1 them (surprisingly, I've won more 2v1's than I've lost but at the rating that's not much to be hugely proud of).

My warrior is decently geared, with full PvP gear minus weapon (2k conquest points atm). I'm currently using a heroic weapon (from Heroic Stonecore) with an average ilevel of 352 (armory doesn't seem to be working, otherwise I'd link her) and 3220 resilience. Female Worgen called Wildbite. I do not mind my partners gear, as long as it'll improve and they have an idea of how to play.

As much as I'd like to claim I'm a 2600 rated warrior, I'm really 1700-1800 rated quality or perhaps a little higher. Mostly down to playing warrior off and on over the years for fun, was limited at the end of wotlk due to having a crappy weapon :) But my play will certainly improve with some practice against similar rated players and a reasonable partner.

Also, my warlock will once again reach 80 soon if anyone wants to play with that. Been upto 1800 or so rating with her before.

/w me on Wildbite or Wargock (yeah, I'm prolly gunna change that name) or reply here.

08-01-2011, 01:41 AM
While I can't really help you with arena teams, horde side has a lot more active pvp going on than alliance side, with a rated bg team, and quite a few competitive arena teams. Perhaps you should transfer over and get involved with the community, more often than not, arena teams will just fall into place from wanting to play with people you enjoy playing with.