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View Full Version : [A] Vivid - Dedicated 10 man guild.

23-12-2010, 09:41 PM
<Vivid> is a PvE guild on the EU server Shadowsong. We are a guild dedicated to 10 man raiding; as such we seek to maintain a tight roster to ensure a strong raiding team and to avoid having to ask people to constantly sit out. We intend to maintain a high level of progression while providing and maintaining a fun, social environment within the guild.

Mission Statement:

As a guild we are looking to build a raiding squad with the optimum setup that we can attain for 10 man raiding. We work hard to ensure that all guild members have a good knowledge of their class at 85 and that we are all ready to face any content that comes our way. That said, you will not be getting a free ride and we expect you to pull your weight. We seek to avoid having a guild where people log on for raids and purples and then log off – such an atmosphere where loot comes first does not foster a good social atmosphere which is what we seek to maintain. That is not to say that we want you to be online at all times, but we require a certain commitment from you as a member. A guild is a team effort, not a one-man job.

What we require from raiders:

1. Applicants must be 20+ (18-20 will be considered for exceptional applicants). This is to ensure that everyone within the guild has complete control over their gametime and the maturity to deal with any constructive criticism.

2. Attendance must be high enough to maintain our raiding schedule. Three raids a week is not too much to ask in my opinion. We have full understanding for real life sometimes throwing a wrench in the works, but if it happens repeatedly it will be an issue.

3. We require a certain amount of your time to socialise within the guild, and want to discourage activities such as raid logging.

4. A mature attitude towards WoW and your fellow players. This will involve you reading strategies and forums to optimise your character and role in every encounter – Elitist Jerks, PlusHeal, Tankspot; we expect you to be familiar with your class and comfortable enough to take advice and pointers. "Don't tell me how to play my class!" will not be tolerated.

5. We understand that some have characters scattered across various guilds. However, with the guild changes coming up in Cataclysm we are really only looking for people who will dedicate themselves to this guild. This means that we would prefer all of your high level alts to join along with your main once you come off of trial status.

6. This may sound pretty obvious, however with the changes Cataclysm has brought we require everyone to be fully prepared. Every member should have either Deadly Boss Mods, Deus Vox or similar. You should also have any addon which will help with de-cursing, crowd control, threat management or the like. Even as a DPS you could be assigned to tasks which will take you away from attacking the main target and we expect you to be able and to perform the task well.

Additional Information you should know:

In order to ensure consistent raiding, we over-recruit slightly. You must all understand that over-recruiting will mean people will sit out each week and we will try to rotate this to be fair. However, if you know you are unable to attend a raid that week please step aside and allow someone to do a full weeks worth of raids. I would rather you do this instead of forcing us to make the decision.

Social members will be required to accept or decline every raid. Although there is no requirement to raid, we still expect you to be active. If this does not happen then you will be asked to leave the guild.

If you are going to be late or miss a raid, we ask that you try and contact someone as soon as possible. If you have a pre-planned engagement, there is a dedictaed forum for you to use. You can also use the shoutbox, e-mail or as a worse case scenario, we will have a contact number for you to text.

Raiding Schedule

Wednesday - 20:30 - 24:00
Thursday - 20:30 - 24:00
Monday - 20:30 - 24:00

So where do you come in?

We are looking for like minded indiviuals to complete our roster. You don't have to have raided daily since vanilla or have a 10k gear score. That's not what we're after! We just need to see that you are dedicated to the cause and will work hard and fit in with what we believe is going to be a very successful future.
For classes and specs required a comprehensive list is available in this forum and if you are interested or have any additional questions please PM or contact ingame Gligan or Judgétte.

03-01-2011, 07:44 AM
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