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View Full Version : Protection warrior is looking for a raiding guild (alliance)

23-12-2010, 04:09 PM
Hello there,

My name is Thomgnar, i am a lvl 85 protection warrior on the shadowsong realm. Most of you might know me as the guildmaster of Apotheotic. I was, but that guild is disbanded. I see you ask why? thats because most members left after we stopped WotLK raiding and even officers left in the end. There i was left alone, was trying hard to build up the guild but it didnt work out. I decided to disband it and find a new guild wich i can call home.

Now let me tell more about myself. My name is thomgnar, i am 20 years old (soon 21) and i live in the netherlands. I used to raid from 20 - 23.30 server time but this can change. My max raiding time is 23.30 tho. I am available every night expect in the weekends. thats because i have a weekend job in the cinema.

I played protection in WotLK and now aswell im cata. you can check my gear on ma armory. Im used to lead the Apotheotic guild, recruitment and such all under my command. under my lead i managed to kill 10 bosses heroic in ICC 10 man. If your focus is 10 or 25 man i dont care. I just want to raid again in cata :) My offspec is fury, but im not used to play that in raids, and my main prio is to gear protection spec first.

So i can offer you a dedicated experienced player. With knowledge of my class and i am capable of leading raids. I am very flexible and friendly.

So if you think i can suit in to your guild, whisper me in game or post in this topic. You might want to post guild website so i can check it out and see if i like it and want to apply. Further questions can always be asked in-game.