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View Full Version : [A] Soulriders of the felwen

03-12-2010, 09:29 PM
About Soulriders
We're a well established guild, started raiding MC in early 2006, finished BWL and finally downed Twin Emps just before TBC. We've gradually progressed through SSC/TK and finished T6 content on the 8th September, when Illidan fell to the Soulriders.

Since the Wotlk we've cleared everything (10/25) and finished on 9/12 ICC HC. We'd like to 'up our game' a bit, and progress faster in the next expansion which our current tight roster doesn't allow - hence the recruitment.

We're a 3 raid a week guild, 25 man guild with 50%+ attendance required.

Raiding Times:
Tues: 19:30 (invites) -> 23:00
Thurs: 19:30 (invites) -> 23:00
Sunday 18:30 (invites) -> 23:00

What are we looking for:
Recruitment is always open to exceptional players, with Cataclysm raiding our raiding roster will suffer the normal post-xpac adjustements - so we're open to all classes.

What sort of player will fit in well
We're after mature players who want a relaxed raiding experience and progress at the same time. 'Relaxed' in that everyone is doing their best and players don't feel dragged down by having to carry people who can't play their class or are using a Pentium-4 over Dial-up.

How to apply

Have a look at our Forums (http://www.soulriders.eu), or create a char on Shadowsong-EU and /w an officer (Tipton, Unni, Deathslayer, Nemesisx or Lysmachia).