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View Full Version : [H] <Manic> Pvp/Pve guild

16-11-2010, 04:22 PM
Hello all and thanks for taking the time to take a look here..

we are a new guild which is aiming to go for PVP and PVE style of playing. I have noticed over the past few months we have very low if any pvp guilds going anymore. If your intrested in joining a guild where both pvp and pve can be fun then this could be your place. we will be a social and casual playing style guild not attended for Hardcore raids but you never know what could happen in the new expansion..

if you think this intrests you then we are looking for all classes from lvl 40+ .... you can either whisper Shamantic or Bolaxe in game for more info and invite or visit the site at www.manic.guildportal.com (http://www.manic.guildportal.com) and leave a post to say your intrested

thankyou for your time

(webpage is not finnished as still being worked on) :D:D