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View Full Version : (A) Next Chapter is recruiting !!!!

12-11-2010, 05:22 PM
Hello peepz,

Next Chapter is a casual raidguild on Shadowsong Europe. We aim for a chill raiding time. This doesn't mean we allow it that ppl slack the whole raid, but just that we can have a nice time online in combination with some nice progress.

With Cata arriving soon, we will just try to finish off some goals in Northrend. Many ppl are hoping for ICC heroic runs and Ruby Sanctum, so we will focus on them. That's the reason why Kingslayers have a prio on invites, just because we're sure that they know the content, that's all. Would be a bit of a waste of time if we have to learn ppl the normal tactics in ICC still (after ICC being there for a whole year). This doesn't mean other ppl can't apply, if you think you belong in here with us and you can show us your awesome skillz due your trial period, don't wait too long then and rush to the appication area.

We'll take every class/spec in consideration atm. We need everything.

Visit our site @ http://nchapter.guildlaunch.com

Good luck applying,