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02-11-2010, 08:52 PM
Protection Paladin 4.0.1
Hey guys, as i've been getting some questions about the paladin tank from peeps i figured i could put a guide together for you guys.
If i forgot smth or you need info about smth more, plz let me know.
This guide was made by getting data from the web, testing and grouping up scattered info.

Prot paladins have not been screwed, they have been improved hard!
First misunderstanding i want to clear, if you think Paladins have been screwed, fine, but i guarrantee you will like this when you get used to it. It takes some effort to master but it's worth it.

Gearing and gemming the prot paladin post 4.0.1
A level 80 paladin geared in Icecrown 25 items is able to reach the block cap provided that the removal of the Icecrown dodge debuff makes it to live servers. Reaching the block cap should be our priority in gearing strategy as once reached it reliably mitigates 30% of all incoming physical damage.
1)Get plate specialization
This will improve your health pool so it's a must to get, get it at ur trainer.
2)Base gear stats
For basic gear you should just look for the same things as before, except defense rating is gone now. So what you look for is stamina, dodge, parry. As soon as you reach about 48 k health unbuffed you might want to check to get a special dogde/parry trinket like "Corpse Tongue Coin" or smth simular. As strenght increases block it's also good to look for once you got enough healthpool to start with.
Here is the main part, my main objective using reforging was hitting some milestones:

1. Reach Uncrushable (102.4 combined avoidance + block)
This means that your block+ parry +dodge reach 102.4 (wich is the cap, due tue some calculations posted everywhere wich i won't mention cause they are not important.) This means basicly the same as reaching def cap before, only it's allot more effective in negating damage.
2. Reach hit cap 8%
Tanks needs agro, wich you need to hit for, wich you need hit cap for, but ICC geared people prob reached this already and can use it to reforge, just don't go below 8.
3.Reach Dodge Expertise cap 6.5% (hover over expertise to see)
Tanks needs agro, so mobs can't dodge or parry you, so you need this.
4.Critical strike rating
(you probally are like, WTF crit chance on a tank, but i'll explain later in this.)
Do it in this priority.

How to do this?
I've ignored food and raid buffs in this and went w/o food buff since i'm taking fish feast 90% of the time.
Also don't foget to use BoK to increase your stats.

Visit the reforging npc and start juggling with your numbers to reach the desired caps.
- In case you are over hit capped, use hit to mastery.
- In case you are also expertise over dodge expertise capped, try to use excess of expertise to mastery.( mind that you can get a glyph to have expertise with seal of truth, wich you should have, so you should almost always be over)
- Look for your dodge rating / parry rating ratio. If you have more dodge rating, reforge dodge rating into mastery, else reforge parry rating into mastery. Now how do you check if you reach this cap? Use this:
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combat table coverage. Currently at: "..string.format("%.2f", GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance() +5))
This will tell you how your stats are, but you have to use it when holy shield is up, so off to the dummies, use Shield of The Righteous and do it then (while under the effect of holy shield.
-if you didn't have hit cap, reforge to hit while keeping your block cap up, it's good to overcap a bit to then spent some dodge and parry on this.
-if you didn't reach expertise dodge cap, do the same as with hit above( mind that you can get a glyph to have expertise with seal of truth, wich you should have)
-if you reached em both, keep block cap up still but try to put some into critical strike rating. you will probally wonder, why critical strike rating, well check this: Grand Crusader http://cata.wowhead.com/spell=85043 since avengers shield has become your main agro magnet, it's important!
Gemming is pretty much the same, make ur meta fit, gem stamina. Parry is an option when having troubles to reach cap but keep your health above at least 45 k unbuffed.

Just the ones that work best for me.

Crusaders Strike, Seal of thruth, Shield of the Righteous
Astetic Crusader, Focussed Shield(bosses), Consecration(trash and adds), Holy Wrath
Kings, Lay on hands, Truth

Rotation and skills for the prot paladin post 4.0.1
First thing to say here, forget ur old rotation, it died with the patch, this is an entire new one. We have one for single target and 1 for multi target.
1)Priority skill
First thing to understand, the rotation works with a priority spot, so when i put priority skill in the rotations i mean:use1, when 1 is not up, use 2, when 2 is not up, use 3.
Priority skills are:
1Avengers shield
3Holy Wrath/Hammer of Wrath(when you can use hammer(mobs are low enough on health) change holy wrath for hammer of wrath.
Single target: Crusaders Strike/Priority skill/Crusaders Strike/Priority skill/Crusaders Strike/Shield of the righteous, repeat
Multi Target: Hammer of the righteous/Priority skill/Hammer of the righteous/Priority skill/Hammer of the righteous/Shield of the righteous, repeat
so for example: CS/AS/CS/Judge/CS/SotR
but if CS 2 would crit it's: CS/AS/CS/AS/CS/SoTR
3)Use of some skills
Avenging Wrath: use when pulling and you need to build op agro fast.
Consecration: Not really needed much anymore, used for some steady area damage, but should only be used before the mobs hit you(so place it on ground when pulling and pull em on to it. (this is no major part of ur rotation anymore!)
Divine Plea: keep it on all time, same as before
Seal of truth: gives expertise buff with right glyph and boosts ur judgement the most so have it on always.
Righteous fury: ehm duh :p
Ardent defender: cooldown to be used only in situations where you take loads, like taking over festergut at 3 stacks. it's a bit a sensing thing when you thing you'll die
Divine Light: good solo heal to boost yourself a bit when for example tanking pp and peeps are going for adds.
Word of Glory: Emergency when LoH is down and you have 3 holy power, not used much.
Prot paladins in combat after 4.0.1
Ok so a bit about your combat tactics here, since prot paladins major agro magnet is avengers shield, use it to pull, then hit crusaders strike or hammer of the righteous and shield of the righteous, just to get your holy shield up, then start rotating. Avengers shield is a perfect way to pull casters since it silences but keep in mind that it is also needed for keeping agro, don't go pulling the casters in until you establish nice agro on the rest.
Since single and multi target rotations are different, it might be hard to decide wich to use, since for example (i know it's a noob boss just giving example) Noth the plaguebringer spawns extra adds wich need to be tanked. So if you are tanking main boss and need to pull adds feel free to switch, same with pulling an extra add into a group you already hold, crusaders strike will almost always grant you a direct agro bonus people can't get over after taunting, while hammer might be risky.
Paladins also seem to have less need to pop cooldowns, since their overall damage taken is reduced quite allot, that said they are still there for a reason.

Aura's and buffing
Buffs have been simplified allot, the tank buff is now kings, however kings does not stack with certain druid buffs, so might can be a better option.
Since you revolve on block now, devotion aura might not be the best option, your main weakness is spell damage now so resist aura is hot for paladins. However, always take in to the account what the other tank might need and what your raid already offers.

Questions and answers
If you have any questions post em below and i'll reply to them here.


07-11-2010, 10:46 AM
Maybe a bit of nitpicking but u might want to try this link to shave off some minor edges. This site has been my tankadin bible for years now:

09-11-2010, 10:48 PM
Prot paladins have been definitely improved. The only thing we lack atm at level 80 is a major defensive cooldown but we are getting Guardian of the Anchient Kings at 85. Threat and DPS are just crazy atm, can do 14k dps and sustain 35k TPS without any special boss mechanic like festergut debuff as long as i can stack vengance fully.

Dont reforge into crit rating, dont gem or enchant for it. Expertise is better than str, haste or crit even after you reach 23(Softcap is 23 now at lvl80, character sheet is not updated to reflect the change). Stack expertise until hard cap(56) if you want more threat.

SotR(3HoPo)>CS>Judgement>AS>Holy Wrath>Consecration

Prio gives you the best singe target threat. Due to the massive amount of damage SotR deals, AS and grand crusader procs are not so important. With this prio order rotation should be something like

CS>Judge>CS>AS>CS>SotR>CS>Judge>CS>HW(or AS depending on grand crusader proc)>CS>SotR>...


Talents, weapons, glpyhs, stats etc everything related to threat can be found in this topic.

You cant keep divine plea up anymore and its glyph doesnt give 3% damage reduction anymore, its just 5% more mana so its useless.

Strenght does not increase block value anymore. It gives parry now.

WoG is very powerful if you have guarded by the light. When it overheals, it shields you for the amount equal to overhealing. In ICC with 30% buff, i am shielding myself for 25k if it crits and fully overheals. Can be used as a CD against certain abilities.

Hit and expertise caps are nice to have while tanking heroics and easy content but they are not mandatory. Especially during progression raiding they are not your priorities. Could explain this and add some things about reforging but would need to write a guide on progression tank gearing for this.

Overally, a useful guide but some points need to be changed. Thanks for your work.

16-11-2010, 09:24 AM
Nice thread :)