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View Full Version : Darkmoon Deck turn-ins

31-10-2010, 05:47 PM
Hello Shadowsong, tis only little me.

As the title states, I'm on the last part of my Insane In the membrane FOS.

So it would be great if people getting decks would help me get this last part of the feat done.

It's quite simple. You send me the deck and i'll hand it in do the business and send it back to you! Simple as that.

I know not much intrest is in these decks as it's near the end of the expansion but hey... worth a shot!

Anyway This is horde only.

If you're willing to allow me to do this just simply send me a in-game mail to *Velune* (State details clearly in the mail so nothing bad happens)

Thank you for your time and hope to speak to you soon! :D