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View Full Version : Plea of Insanity.

27-10-2010, 04:17 PM
Hello fellow players.
I turn to you in desperate times.
As of a few days ago blizzard stated that they will break the

function of the achievement "Insane in the Membrane". This come as a

bit of a downbringer to me and others struggling towards the

achievement after the promise that this would not be the case in


My plea is to help me achieve this goal before it's too late. So if

you find your self willing to help me with this by sending various

material needed, Rugged Leather, Pristine Black Diamonds, Librams of

Protection Focus and Rapidity, Heavy Junkboxes, any herbs, darkmoon

cards or complete decks. I would be forever greatful. And use this

act of companionship to show blizzard that player actually care for

one another and the content that was old and that many of us love so


If this would reach the lot and more material then I need come. I

will make it useful to others already on this journey.

May the Old Gods be with you,
Bunglr, 150+ hours of grind.

05-11-2010, 01:35 PM
7 weeks till christmas , you should have asked for 50k too :)

05-11-2010, 01:54 PM
Ooo, ooo, can someone send me a Mechano-hog? I'll clean it and hug it and pet it and call it George!

No? Oh well, worth a go :P