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View Full Version : [A] Ancient (10 man raiding guild) is recruiting for cataclysm raiding

27-10-2010, 03:49 AM
Hello, Guild name changed so people wont confuse us with Ancient Ones, new name is Ingenium
<Ingenium> is a newly created 10man raiding guild by 2 friends on shadowsong.
For the remaining weeks of Wrath Of The Lichking We are aiming to get the Kingslayer achievement and clear as much bosses as possible on HC in ICC10.
For Cataclysm we plan to clear all the content as fast as possible and move on to the HC side of the content.
Remember that we are not raiding yet , We are recruiting exceptional players to form the Core of the guild so we can start out as soon as possible.

Raid days
Thursday,sunday and monday 19:00-23:00

Open for all classes and specs

What we expect from people that apply

Maturity: we expect our members to be mature, and be able to handle constructive criticism. We expect you not to be a loot @!!%* or a drama queen. Both of these are perfectly good reasons for an immediate guild kick

Raid Performance: If we accept you into the guild, you should be able to play competitively with other players in the guild. Whether it is as dps, healer or tank, you are expected to perform equally or better to the other players of the guild.

Class Knowledge: A very good knowledge and understanding of your class and boss mechanics is required.

Come prepared: We expect that the people carry all the buffs and consumables necessary and possible for each raid.

Attendance: We want people whos objective in the game is high-end PvE, we donít want to settle for people that are satisfied with doing PvE once a week, for which we require for every trial to have a high percentage of attendance.

We expect you to be atleast experienced with 10/12 of icc 10 normal so we can get LK Down fast and move on to the heroic content.

If you got any questions or if you are interested contact me ingame ( Chebu)

PS : it says my current guild is interlunium but that should be updated soon.

27-10-2010, 11:02 AM
bump :)

28-10-2010, 11:27 AM