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View Full Version : Fury boost

25-10-2010, 03:39 PM
Fi fa fo. so i finaly got my war out of the ashes of the new patch, resocked gems, new glyphs bla bla bla and got a new rotation going on...
So is it just me or did fury warriors get a nice increased dps boost?
i know aoe tanking has been nerfed like crazy for most of the tank classes, even see some pallys struggle.
and am trying to hold back even tho i like to see the realy big numbers flying around:D
i mostly ending up losing the tanks for HCs runs/dailys. yes i know watch omen etc etc -.-
but if am gonna wait for the tank to get enough agro, i need to look on a movie, eat dinner, take a power nap and then return.
looks like alot of tank are slacking or dont know what to do, and auto attack a mob. (am probobly gonna get flaged for that comment)
But any one know if they are gonna fix the tank abilitis again?
gonna do a mini respec for more crit on Hc strike, kinda missed that one under the respecing.

Ah forgot one thing... they should realy do something about the fury threat.

25-10-2010, 05:48 PM
So is it just me or did fury warriors get a nice increased dps boost?

It's just you, everyone else thinks fury DPS is lower :P

Well... there's a caveat. If you had the best gear, then your DPS is a fair bit lower. If however you didn't have great gear (which is what it sounds like), then your DPS will be improved.

But yes you'll pull aggro like crazy regardless.

26-10-2010, 09:35 AM
It has actually improved by now, compared to how shit us "well geared ArP whores" did right after the patch :P

gotta love hotfixes

26-10-2010, 05:15 PM
well my Gear is 4 t10.5 rest of my stuff is 264. so the same gear before and after patching up. One reson can be that i dident have full Arp cap and no str gems...
or i just learned to play a fury war after the patch -.-
after 2years of being fury:S

27-10-2010, 02:07 PM
Well you can take a look at my armory to compare gear and such, but Im sure that Im doing way better now and just after the patch (<3 hotfixes).

Also I havent really changed anything drastic, just reforged haste to hit and went for +str gems or str/hit gems. I think most comes down to relearning new rotations, well its more a thing of remembering to not use WW on singletarget and spamming execute at 20% atleast 5 times. HS is still a main attack if you got the rage, and its even more powerfull now than it was pre-patch.

There is still a bit of discussion about haste in regards to if it really is as shit as most feel, or if it actually is worth using alot of haste atm.
I have noticed that alot of cata gear is str/haste gear tho, so my guess is that they want haste to be important for us...