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View Full Version : (H) -Angeles Caidos- Recruiting

23-10-2010, 12:50 PM
About us:

We're a bunch of friendly people who enjoy the game and take great enjoyment out of end-game raiding challenges...We have been around for a while and our members have a solid grasp of their classes and value teamwork...We like to keep the atmosphere light in guild and try to always have fun in raids while maintaining focus....We are a mainly 10man progression guild with two seperate 10man teams...The main group is a dedicated progression team, and our secondary team is a more laid back group that raids mainly for fun in relaxed manner with good progression.

Main grp progress:
ICC10 norm (12/12)
ICC10 hc (11/12)
ICC10 glory of ICC raider (10/12)

Secondary grp:
ICC10 norm (11/12)

We are currently recruiting for both grps
Main grp : melee dps
Secondary grp: ranged and melee dps

Our raiding days are:
Main grp - thurs/sun/teus 7:30-11 server time
Secondary grp - wed/sat 7:30-11 server time

If your class/interests fit with either grp or you wish to apply anyway then please visit angeles-caidos.wowstead.com All applications are considered :)

05-12-2010, 04:49 AM