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View Full Version : Protection paladin LF good guild!

09-10-2010, 09:49 AM
Just took the recruitment questionaire of a guild and placed it here.
I'm looking for a good raid guild (prefer 10m for sure, 25 is bonus)

Character name:
Character class:

Age and gender (IRL):
23, male

Link your gear by the means of The Armory (http://armory.wow-europe.com/):

Tell us your raid-experience:
11/12 ICC 10 normal, 6/12 icc 25, did deadwhisper and rotface heroic in icc 10

Which of our raiddays are you able to play during the week (sun, mon, wed, thu):
all but friday and saturday, i'm social and go to the pub :p

From what and until what hour are you available during those days:

From 18.00 till 0.30

What guild am i looking for?:
A good raid guild that does maybe LK runs and heroic content, my last guild, with all do respect felt a bit like it was holding me back.

What is the name of your old guild:

Why aren't you in your old guild anymore:
It can't deliver me what i need in this game.

What do you think you can do for a guild:
I'm a fast learner and can be a good very reliable player.

What do you expect from Alternate Reality:

What is your style of play and how do you see that return in a guild:
i'm kinda hardcore, since i need to feel like i achieve smth in a game.

Why did you choose the gems that you currently have:
Cause i want the biggest baddest HP pool possible :p

Why did you choose the spec that you currently have for your role:
Cause i have experience tanking in all kind of games, and i like to do it rly.

Do you think the spec/gems and enchants are the best you able to get for your role and why:
They are, since i wanna tank, and tanks need hp more then anything, the hand enchants for threat are just the edge a tank might need.

Would you be willing to re-spec into a different role if the guild required it:
I am, but i don't have enough gear for that yet. i have about 8 pieces in both holy and dps i think

Would you be willing to re-spec/gem/enchant if we deem your current setup unfit for our current content:
Sure. Learn from the best i say :p

How important is your offspec to you and how would you like to see it return in a guild:
Not so important, but hey, i want to make it if i get the oppertunity.

Why did you choose the offspec you have:
I didn't choose yet, i might just choose whatever a guild needs more.

If anyone sees fit for me in a guild that fits my requirements, plz respond here or catch me ingame on either Foxish or Foxuna



09-10-2010, 12:40 PM
Guess AR got the best application form as I see it pop up once in a while :p